Kolkata baker Anushree Bansal's Whisk Bakery offers all-natural gourmet products

Whisk’s Anushree Bansal has paved the way for the most health-conscious, gourmet bakery venture, which has the city raving about its smart desserts and all-natural ingredients 

author_img Ujjainee Roy Published :  28th June 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  28th June 2019 12:00 AM

Vanilla sponge with a mixed berries compote

What started off as a mum’s anxiety over her son’s snacking habits has now evolved into one of the most impressive and healthiest homemade gourmet bakery in town, catering to the needs of the new-age foodie. Kolkata baker Anushree Bansal was quite wary of the ridiculously high content of sugar in the items that we consume as a part of our late-night dessert binges, or even when we’re seeking something minorly sweet. This led to her open the home-based bakery called Whisk. “I was so tired of watching my eight-year-old son randomly pop Oreos and bonbons into his mouth. At one point, I was like ‘That’s enough,’ I can’t watch him do this to his body over the next 15 years. So, I tried making healthy chocolate cookies for him, without a speck of refined sugar or processed flour; I remember I made my first batch with whole wheat as I hadn’t really started experimenting with all the natural flours. But I definitely didn’t use maida or butter, and my son loved it. And kids are the best judges of taste!” says Anushree, who started Whisk around a year and a half ago. 

Apple Crumble Cake

The bakery started with the idea that healthy eating does not need to be boring at all, and you just need someone to look out for better alternatives, and that’s exactly what Anushree did. The baker puts an emphasis on natural flours, completely avoids the use of refined sugars, and is making the idea of desserts sinless again. In terms of taste, Anushree’s whipping up all of our favourites, which we can get at any of our regular confectionaries; the only difference is her focus on using the healthiest possible ingredients. Anushree basically uses homegrown natural flours like nut flour or other whole wheat options, which are usually high on fibre; she tells us that almond flour is a particular favourite with people looking for gluten-free baked goods. 

Gluten free chocolate brownies

“If I’m making a muffin with almond flour and natural sweeteners like honey or jaggery, it’s obviously healthier than your run-off-the-mill muffins or cakes. And, in terms of taste, my customers have been quite shocked, as they tell me my creations are just the right kind of sweet. Desserts don’t need to taste like sugar in the mouth, you know. Some baked products come with this overly sweet taste, it’s quite literally like popping a spoonful of sugar, but I always balance the sweetness in my desserts. So far, my customers have been thrilled,” the baker tells us. Whisk also caters to every kind of diet, from gluten-free to medically-necessary diets, as Anushree loves customised baking. 

Salted Chocolate and Peanut butter cups

You’ll be delighted with numbers like keto buns or salted chocolate peanut butter cups made with homemade peanut butter, sandwiched between layers of dark chocolate sprinkled with a dash of sea salt. “I have people calling in with a list of allergies, to make something for them with their diets in mind, children calling in for something healthier for their ageing parents; this entails tweaking recipes around quite a bit, but I enjoy it,” Anushree reveals. 

Gluten free multigrain loaf 

Whisk also makes a number of breads, from multi-grain to honey oats to carrot walnut and olive loaves, which are completely yeast-free. Anushree’s zero-flour chocolate fudge cake or hazelnut and pear torte are hot favourites. You’ll also find amazing glutenfree brownies, eggless cheesecakes and multigrain veggie quesadillas on Whisk’s Insta page. Anushree usually needs a day and a half to prepare an order, and you can pick it up from her South Kolkata residence, or she can have it delivered to your home. 

Rs 180 for a loaf of multigrain bread. Breads from Rs 240 onwards, cakes from Rs 450 onwards.