LMNOQ’s latest introductions are so light that they will leave you craving for more

Amongst the plethora of dishes that were served to us, Achari Mushroom Samosa in bite sized triangular pieces left us smacking our lips​

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Crispy Korean Chicken Ramen

If you are a true- blue Kolkatan, the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of good food and parties has to be Park Street. The place remains as an icon of lingering western elegance amidst chaos that is Kolkata, and accommodated the ever evolving party scene of Kolkata with new age watering holes alongside pubs operating since the British era. LMNOQ Skybar is one such waft of fresh breeze amidst all other names that opened its doors last year as the city was coping with the after effects of the pandemic.



Spread across 8,000 square feet, the spacious eatery can accommodate up to 150 people and allow you ample space to spend your weekends lazing around with friends in either of their PDRs, the common cafeteria or the open air dining area. The latter is one of its kind since it allows you a panoramic view of city icons such as Hooghly bridge, Howrah bridge, Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens and The 42. The bistro has recently introduced a light and healthy menu keeping in mind the fast- changing food consumption pattern of city gastronomes.


Quinoa Kofta Curry with Naan


“Black rice, steamed corn, pickled cabbage, mushrooms, and quinoa are some star ingredients that we have experimented with in the new menu. There are ample options for both vegetarians and meat lovers alongside some fresh alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, that all- together gives a revamped feel to LMNOQ patrons,” shares Md Firoz Hossain, Executive Chef of twelfth floor hub.


Executive Chef Md Firoz Hossain


Amongst the plethora of dishes that were served to us, Achari Mushroom Samosa in bite sized triangular pieces left us smacking our lips with its soft and zingy grounded stuffing, wrapped in a crispy thin outer shell. With minimal traces of oil, and steamed, spiced peas served along with the appetiser, the healthier cousin of our desi Samosas is one name- worthy show stealer. Boneless Chicken Wings unlike its popular namesake, are easier to consume and can be the perfect pairing for alcoholic choices as it is hot, saucy and leaves behind a lesser mess.


Cream Cheese and Truffle Dumplings


Moving on to the main course, you may pair your regular naan or choice of gluten free bread with the Quinoa Kofta Curry that is served in a tangy tomato gravy, and comes in delectably smushy bite sized balls smeared with toasted quinoa for that much required crunch. We loved the Cream Cheese and Truffle Dumplings however, despite feeling guilty about liking the creamiest new introduction on the menu as the steaming hot melt-in-mouth love balls came wrapped in the most translucent, lavender hued layers ever. They have also introduced healthy bowls such as the Crispy Korean Chicken Ramen and Poke Bowls loaded with all your healthy veggie and protein doses.



Even if you feel spoilt for choice with their elaborate dessert menu for a sweet conclusion, we suggest you must try their newest addition of Apple Pie French Toast with a nutty, crunchy twist. To wash things down choose from their range of Double Pops that are basically colourful cocktails that come paired with an equally vibrant alcoholic popsicle.

Price for Two: Rs. 1200+ (Without Alcohol); Rs. 2000+ (With Alcohol)

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Pic Credits: Anindya Saha