Cafe Kolkata 32 is affordable, cosy and culturally rooted

Rangan Chakravarty’s brainchild Café Kolkata 32 is a tribute to the cultural evolution of Jadavpur area

author_img Raima Ganguly Published :  23rd September 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd September 2022 12:00 AM

Cafe Kolkata 32

Jadavpur is one of the oldest residential refugee colonies of the city that has evolved into the modern era with a hint of nostalgia. Rangan Chakravarty’s brainchild Café Kolkata 32 is a tribute to this area and the cultural history that flows through its veins.



The seven month old café as described by Rangan is culturally rooted and affordable enough for people to come in and relax without burning a hole in their pockets. “I have been a part of the film and television industry for long, but with age I have developed a fondness towards cafes and Kolkata 32 was born out of that wish. This bistro is a tribute to my roots and brings together the westernised idea of a café with Bengali cabins we are more accustomed with,” shares Rangan.



The 42 seater café simultaneously features a range of continental dishes alongside popular Bengali snacks such as fish cutlet, pakoras and a special green chilli range of munchies. Decked in ambient hues, hand painted walls caught our eye from the moment we stepped in. Each of the sections in the café have wall paintings contributed by Rangan’s artist friends who volunteered to make his café look cosy. The furniture reminded us of old Kolkata coffee houses. It also has a separate outdoor seating arrangement that overlooks the nearby park.



Crispy Green Chilli Chicken Pakoras pose as the right palate cleansing bites and aren’t as spicy as they sound. If it's gloomy outside and you wish to spend some time indoors over some nice conversations, this can be the perfect conversation starter. Instead of six, these come in portions of eight. Barbeque Chicken with French Fries are a saucy complement to appetisers while the Chicken Party Platter serves a big group right. Consisting of fish cutlets, chicken lollipops, french fries and bite sized chicken pieces smothered in chilli sauce, bell peppers and onion, time passes by quickly while munching on these nibbles.



To wash it off you may settle for the fresh Watermelon Juice, 32 Special Tropical Cooler or Icy Spicy Strawberry for a hint of spice balanced out with strawberry syrup. Wrap the crunchy affair up with a classic Italian scoop of Affogato drowned in a hot shot of espresso.

Price for Two: Rs. 500

Pictures by: Anindya Saha