Motor Works’ beer-based innovative menu & craft beers are good reason to hang out in Sector V, Kolkata

Motor Works and Brewing Company serves the best craft beer in distinctive flavours paired with interesting bites

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  05th April 2019 04:38 PM   |   Published :   |  05th April 2019 04:38 PM

Craft beer at Motor Works & Brewing Company

AMIDST the city’s concrete jungle marred with deadlines and targets, Motor Works and Brewing Company at sector V is definitely greener turf. True to its name, the 6,000 sq ft microbrewery, which bears an industrial look and is replete with interesting motifs of the same theme, right from the ceiling to the table and cutlery to serving trays, boasts of the best varieties of craft beer in the city. The horizontally stacked containers behind the bar aid brewing like no other, we were informed. Our taste buds went on a ride with the five variants of beer shots — from the lemony twist to a cocoa and coffee combination and more. Two new variants Chilli Beer and Honey Mead made an impression with its contrasting flavours. The sharpness of the chillies tickled our olfactory senses, followed by our taste buds with each swig. For the ones who prefer smoother ale, Honey Mead is the ideal choice. There’s more for the gang who prefer an uninterrupted supply of the malt-based liquor — a motor fuel table, which lets you fill your own glass.

Chakhna Platter

From the moment you set foot in this 120-seater happening zone till you leave with hoppy notes in your head, the food and ambience grows on you. It’s a happy place for beer-holics with 50 per cent of the food based on the yeast fermented drink. Our first drink came in the form of a creamy Beer Cheese Soup, loaded with yellow cheddar cheese, served with buns. The deceptive bowlful grew on us with every spoonful, making it hard not to finish the sinful treat as we swayed to some Asian Underground music. The chakhnas soon arrived in a tool kit, distracting us momentarily. We had our eyes on the Beer Puchka Shots and loved the concoction, which is a perfect replacement of the humble khatta paani, we thought aloud.

Beer Cheese Soup

The kit also contained a special Sindhi dish, Seyal Phulke. Sudhir Ahuja, Partner Motor Works says, “Seyal Phulke is my mom’s recipe, which has been upgraded. When we were planning our food menu, we wanted to give something very different to customers, and make it one of the tastiest menus in the city. We wanted to keep the menu global, so we serve multi-cuisine fare. We want people to have a good time in Sector V.” He adds, “We have a big food truck as well, which can cater to over 700 guests. It also acts as our kitchen at times, and moves in the locality during evening hours.”

Sudhir Ahuja

Another chakhna worthy of a mention is the crispy, flavourful mini-version of the Mohun Bagan Karara Field that comes in the shape of a bowl. Exploring the menu further, you’d also find the Kejriwal Bhindi, Chilli Kohli, Maa Maati Manush and more.

The Chow Chow Bunny Chow arrived in the form of a cube with dal makhani cooked to perfection by Chef Sachin Verma. One can also make a choice of the bun and non-veg accompaniment. From the Long Drive Straight Sour Dough Pizza section, we tried the Ramesh aur Suresh pizza with a double layer cheese burst and a Chilli Chicken topping. We loved the Italian and Chinese combination and highly recommend it. Spinning off on the London Eye installation at the entrance, meanwhile, we left with beer candy popping in our mouths.

 `1,200++ (without alcohol) for two.