Kolkata's Italian fine diner Serafina lights up your late afternoons with a delectable new menu

author_img Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  08th February 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  08th February 2019 12:00 AM

Italian diner Serafina at Quest Mall Kolkata

If you want to take your date out to a fancy restaurant without burning a hole in your pocket, head straight to Serafina, which is offering quite a deal between four in the afternoon and seven in the evening. This New York-based Italian fine diner has come up with a sleek and compact cocktail and finger food menu to light up your evenings. Located on the fifth floor of Quest Mall, this 76-seater swanky eatery has an Italian rustic charm to kit with hand painted walls, Roman arches and red-brick facades.

We thought of checking out their offer and it was impressive enough. Care has been taken to choose savouries and desserts that would not sit heavily on your stomach. “The entire menu has been planned keeping the teenagers and young crowd in mind. The portions are filling yet light and the cocktails are very different in taste than the ones served in other lounge bars dotting the city,” tells executive Chef Abhijit Bhaumick.

Cream Cheese tart with rum cooler

We were offered bekti fish fingers served with French fries, a typical yet popular starter to begin with. The freshly fried fish was scrumptious and marinated to perfection with lime juice. The French fries, for a change, were less salty, we noticed. But what floored us was the accompanying cocktail Chilly Willy, a spicy and refreshing take on the Moscow Mule. Prepared with vodka and a liberal dose of green chillies, the drink struck all the right notes.

BBQ Pollo with Mississippi Fizz

For the vegetarians, this drink pairs well with Fig Crostini a dish made of cheese topped French baguette with figs. BBQ Pollo – chicken tossed in barbeque sauce and served with sliced burger buns – arrived next. It was coupled with Mississippi Fizz, a cocktail made with passion fruit and Gordon’s gin. The orange oil and a sprinkling of flax lifted the flavours, lending it a subtle tangy taste.

The small pieces of marinated grilled fish, which followed next, met our expectations. The Scotch Sweet Tea comprising black tea, orange and Black Dog Black Reserve went well with the mildly spiced dish.

Grilled fish skewer with Scotch Sweet Tea

But we would highly recommend the dessert offerings. We had Chocolate mint fudges and fresh cream tarts with Rum cooler. The desserts were not overtly sweet and the hint of chocolate in the rum simply bowled us over -- perfect combination to sweeten your evenings.

 Price for two: Rs 750 plus taxes