Bread and Butter by Manjari in Kolkata focuses on protein-rich, probiotic, chemical-free sourdough

Manjari Almal's speciality sourdough breads are low on gluten and made with natural ingredients

author_img Ujjainee Roy Published :  05th July 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  05th July 2019 12:00 AM
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Sun dried tomato sourdough by Manjari

THE RISE OF home-based artisanal bakeries in Kolkata is making us all smarter carb-loaders, and Manjari Almal’s speciality sourdough is incorporating breads into a general clean eating consciousness. Bread and Butter By Manjari focuses on protein-rich, probiotic, chemical-free sourdough breads, which are also low on gluten and made with all-natural ingredients. “Baking has always fascinated me, and since we all stick to breads for our mornings, I’ve always wanted to make way for healthier options, so that we don’t have to look past something as beloved as bread,” Manjari tells us.

Classic Sourdough

Although popularised in France, sourdough was introduced in the Middle Ages in Egypt. Traditional sourdough is made with the fermentation of dough, using naturally produced lactobacilli and yeast, which gives it a tang. She claims, her sourdough loaves are naturally leavened with flour, and allowed to slowly ferment. “The process of fermentation while making sourdough makes it break down slowly in your body, making it easier to digest, and prevent sugar spikes. It is therefore ideal for those watching their sugar, especially when compared to regular white bread,” Manjari reveals on her Facebook page. From ragi sourdough to the more indulgent sourdough focaccia, you’ll find a spectacular range of breads in Manjari’s kitchen.

Regular Sourdough

Her thin crust sourdough pizza bread is possibly her most versatile invention and the epitome of quality baking. Her sun-dried tomato sourdough costs `400, and besides classic whole wheat and herb sourdough, Manjari’s menu also features olive sourdough, zataar sourdough, and of course, olive focaccia.

But, the most useful trait of Manjari’s breads are that they are naturally probiotic. “We often forget about the need to keep our gut health in check. My breads actively keep your gut healthy, owing to the probiotic elements in them. We also cater to people who want their breads to be low on gluten,” Manjari remarks.

Breads Rs 325 to Rs 450 per loaf. Orders for delivery can be placed via Facebook and Instagram. — UR