Grab a Scoop of Love from Piccadilly Square to do away with monsoon blues

The new range of flavours is fruity, vivid and flavourful

Raima Ganguly Published :  24th June 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  24th June 2022 12:00 AM

Mint and Chocolate Gelato

Piccadilly Square surely has to be one of the first names that strikes the chord when we think of European delights in Kolkata. This summer, the hub has added yet another reason for its connoisseurs to travel to the cobbled streets of Italy from the comfort of one’s home with a range of flavourful gelatos called Scoops of Love. The frozen artisanal dessert is stirred out of more milk and less cream, making it a healthier, low- fat substitute of ice creams. The new range of flavours is fruity, vivid and flavourful with Red Velvet Cream Cheese, Irish Butterfly, Mint & Chocolate stealing the spotlight. A few other new entrants include Saffron Almond Cup, Blueberry Sorbetto and Alphonso Mango. To celebrate the end of the pride month June was, Piccadilly Square has also curated the six new flavours in a box named Pride Group. There are no artificial colours or flavours added to their Gelato.


What: Scoops of Love

Where: Piccadilly Square

Contact: Instagram: @piccadilysq