Taste offbeat Mexican delights at Caffeine ‘N’ Carburetors

Expect an exclusive Japanese range in the coming months at CnC

author_img Raima Ganguly Published :  06th May 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  06th May 2022 12:00 AM

Mexican spread at CnC

Is Tex-Mex all you can think of when you hear Mexican? It’s a jolly good time shed all your preconceived notions regarding the cuisine that goes beyond tacos made of regular flour and store-bought salsa. Caffeine ‘n’ Carburetors on Minto Park, known for its unique food-court concept that serves on a made-to-order basis has added yet another cuisine to its numerous regular offerings and this time they have gone down south. We were there for some fresh tangy-spicy gastronomic kick.

“We have five brands under the banner of CnC that serve nearly ten different cuisines. Having previously experimented with Neopolitan pizzas, handmade pasta, and a couple of other things from the kitchen of one of our brands- The Toad, we really wanted to put our hands on Mexican food this time. We believe it has an extremely vibrant taste palate. For this particular range, we have done away with artificial flavouring and tried to stick with fresh ingredients. Everything on this menu is handmade from scratch for customers to get the authentic feel of Mexican cuisine,” shares Raghav Khullar, chef-owner of the spacious eatery that also doubles up as a hub for motorheads.

As we dug into a plate of flavourful, freshly fried Tortilla chips paired with house-made Pico De Gallo and minced lamb, we immersed ourselves in the powerhouse of flavours the dish has to offer. The stark difference between a pack of Cornitos paired with salsa was evident in this particular bowl. Raghav further guided us through a tasty trail of Three Cheese Quasedillas with infusions of Oaxaca, Queso Fresco & Velveeta with pimentos, and Tacos De Pollo made of shredded smoked chicken, black bean, Pico De Gallo, and Crema.

“Chillis being an integral part of the flavourful cuisine, we import four different types from different parts of the globe.  Each of the chilies namely Guajillo, Arbol, Cascabel, and Habanero has distinct notes and adds a unique touch to the dishes. While Habanero has a tropical fruity tinge to it, Guajillo is less intense with a berry-like flavour. Arbol and Cascabel are more on the woody side that lends a smokey, nutty feel to the dishes,” adds Khullar when asked about a go-to ingredient for authentic Mexican dishes.

The option “Make your own Burrito” unleashed our inner master chefs and we couldn’t keep ourselves calm despite our appetite being filled to the brim. This segment comes with options of a traditional burrito and an open bowl, the latter being for the ones who are nosey about creating a mess while gobbling on a Burrito.

What: New Mexican Menu by Caffeine ‘N’ Carburetors

Where: 6, 1st & 2nd Floor, Picasso Bithi, Minto Park, Kolkata

When: Up till May 8 (Noon onwards)

Meal for two: Rs. 1500++

Contact: Instagram: @caffeine.carburetors