This mermaid nice cream bowl from Anna Nagar is made for Instagram 

Maria Priyanka Ravindran aka the Healthy Chef has fun flavours like apple crumble and Tender Coconut and Oats 

Sonali Shenoy Published :  09th November 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  09th November 2018 06:00 AM

Mermaid nice cream bowl

If you are self conscious about gaining a few kilos post that Diwali binge, Maria Priyanka Ravindran (32) has got you covered. Her Instagram page under the name ‘Healthy Chef’ is a personal testament of the Bengalurean’s own weight-loss journey — losing 10 kilos — in under three months. And having recently moved to Chennai, the menu (no carbs, no dairy, no sugar)  just became available to order earlier this month.

Maria showing us her Apple Crumble creation with no dairy and no sugar.

Expect three major categories — nice cream in innovative flavours (like Tender coconut and oatmeal), Keto lunches (like Cauliflower fried rice and teriyaki chicken) and energy bombs (delicious-meets-chewy chocolate and peanut butter balls or goji berry and pistachio) for a quick pick-me-up during that mid-afternoon dip.

The hotel management graduate who was formerly a food stylist for Cult, a fitness centre in Bengaluru recalls, “I began doing research online and experimenting with clean recipes of my own about two years ago.” With flavours that are fresh and fun (we love her emerald green ‘Mermaid’ bowl made with avocado and spirulina, topped with Japan fruit cut into flowers, desicated coconut, pomegranate pearls, figs and basil seeds — 360 cals) — we can see why the diet is sustainable and not a chore. More importantly, we discover upon tasting that the portion sizes of her nice cream bowls, which make a delightful breakfast, are quite filling. 

On the savoury side, we can’t wait to try the Cheddar oatmeal with a poached egg and bell peppers ,as well as the ‘zoodle’ (zucchini noodles) paired with a meat of your choice. 

Nice cream bowls and Keto lunches: Rs 250 to Rs 300. Energy bombs: Rs 350 for 12 pieces. Delivery in and around Anna Nagar. Lunches available on a two-week subscription basis. | @brightasunshine