Dumbell Protein Pint serves up 30 varieties of protein shakes, and they are delish!

These shakes meet varying nutritional requirements and come in an assortment of flavours

author_img Sabrina Rajan Published :  14th January 2020 10:08 PM   |   Published :   |  14th January 2020 10:08 PM

Cocoa obsession

All gym and fitness enthusiasts out there will agree that protein is the most sought-after and talked-about supplement — especially whey protein. Two years ago, Pradeep Benetto Rayan decided he wanted to make his own protein shakes that combined all his nutritional requirements. A model and actor by profession, Pradeep tells us, “My work demands that I remain fit at all the time, and this means I cannot afford to miss my work-out routine. It also meant an appropriate nutrition intake.”

Pradeep agrees that the essential nutrients are not restricted only to proteins but also to the appropriate quantity of carbohydrates and fat. “When it comes to protein intake, consuming natural proteins in our meals becomes cumbersome. So does defining the quantity of carbs and fat. I used to have my whey mixed with cold water, after which I could not afford to eat the oats prepared for breakfast. This is when I decided to try combine all the available food on my table and blend a shake,” says the 31-year-old, who can be seen in the latest Amazon TV commercials and also the web series, Fingertips.





Famous five

Protein Pint has five categories to meet varying nutrition requirements 
1. Plain protein shakes - with soy or almond milk (eg: Crazy Cookies)
2. Pro-twin shakes - there are two flavours of whey protein used 
(eg: Banilla)
3. Low carb shakes - has banana or strawberries in the mix (eg: Berry go round)
4. Keto - has peanut butter, MCT oil and almond milk
5. Meal replacement shakes are 
heavy with muesli and such 
(eg: I’m so fruity)

Pradeep reached out to his school friend Abishek Rengasamy to get advice on the whey protein and they finally collaborated last year to bring out Dumbell Protein Pint. “After various attempts, I figured  out recipes for yummy protein shakes that could meet the needs of one’s fitness goals, without compromising on taste,” informs Pradeep.

Abishek, a bronze medalist in weightlifting in open State category, owner of the Dumbell clothing brand and partner at LoCal restaurant — tells us how whey supplement often has a maligned image in terms of banned and unhealthy ingredients. Hence, Abishek ensured that he sourced the whey from the USA and the whey protein he provided had all the required certifications including from WHO, FSSAI, ISO and GMP.

With 30 varieties on offer, each pint contains 25 grams of whey protein and options  for add-ons like sunflower seeds, stevia and extra scoops of whey. We try their delicious Keto Koffee and find hints of peanut butter and agree that this one could easily become our regular caffeine and protein fix!

Available at LoCal by Dumbell restaurant, at INR 147 onwards per pint.