Galouti Bomb, a new cloud kitchen in Chennai reimagines the 'baap of kebabs' in a fun, more accessible avatar

Apart from the OG mutton, look for variants on the menu like chicken, yam, rajma and hara bhara

Sonali Shenoy Published :  08th July 2022 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  08th July 2022 07:00 AM

The galouti kebab, once reserved for celebratory occasions has been getting a bit of rebrand off late. Instead of intimidatingly massive platters as expected of a Nawabi feast, we are now finding lighter, more accessible appetiser portions making an appearance on bar menus in Chennai. And while the original mutton variant was created for a toothless Nawab who didn't want to give up eating meat, it's heartening to know that decades modern adaptions are more inclusive of a vegetarian palate with options like the nutritious Palak galouti (Sekhmet) or the more exotic Lotus Stem galouti (Nght Mrkt).

Catching on the trend is Abhyudhay Purkayastha's Galouti Bomb, a cloud kitchen dedicated exclusively to this royal treasure promising as the name suggests 'explosive flavours'. Just a couple of weeks old, the launch couldn't have been timed better with World Kebab Day (July 9) around the corner. The menu currently offers five variants which include two non-veg (mutton and chicken) and three veg (rajma, yam and hara-bhara) with a box of six starting at a competitive INR 90.



We like the 'sweet box' style packaging and the instructions on the back cueing interesting plating ideas if say you're ordering in for a house party. As for the flavours and textures, we sample an assortment of pasty and indulgent (mutton) to deliciously wholesome (rajma and hara bhara) and the slightly more robust (chicken) if you prefer a little bit of bite in your kebab. Dip or drizzle on some mint chutney for the perfect pairing. "I'm reimagining the galouti kebab as a fun, on-the-go indulgence," Abhyudhay tells us, pointing out that the usual premium pricing doesn't have to be the norm.

That said, flavours are not compromised as he emphasises that in keeping with the tradition of the Nawabs, the spices are stone ground in-house, some of them even sourced from Lucknow.

Available 12 noon to 11 pm. Order online or via Whatsapp.