Taj Krishna Hyderabad introduces a new menu on Qmin app that offers healthy regional delicacies

Taj Krishna introduces a new menu, Innergise on its Qmin app  

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  28th May 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  28th May 2021 12:00 AM
Immunity Boosters And Dishes

Ambada Mushroom from Innergise menu

If there is one thing the pandemic brought, it is a change in how one looks at food. We are trying to focus primarily on immunity boosters and dishes packed with antioxidants. Keeping health as the focus, Taj Krishna has a new menu — Innergise on the Qmin app. It includes meals that are a blend of superfoods like turmeric, black pepper, and basil. The brand sent us one of their packaged meals and here's how our experience was.

Flavours of home

We first picked the Bell Pepper Broccoli & Tomato Salad. The vegetables were fresh and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. It was also served with pomegranate seeds that added a fruity twist to the salad.

Beyond nutrition

Then it was time for their main course. The menu offered the Ajawani Lasson Palak, Munaga Vepudu, and Ambada Mushroom. We tried the three dishes with the flatbread Makai Ka Roti. We loved how the roti that was made with cornmeal was flavourful in itself. We first paired it with the Palak — a tempered spinach curry with a subtle hint of familiar flavours that transported us to our mother’s kitchens.

Ajawani Lasson Palak

We then moved to the Ambada Mushroom Curry — well-prepared mushrooms tossed in roselle leaves. The curry offered a burst of flavours, and the roselle leaves add a hint of sour notes to the tangy dish. Next up was the Munaga Vepudu, a drumstick fry cooked with shallots. We like this delicacy the most from what the Innergise menu had to offer. It was an aromatic blend of Indian spices. It was also topped with shredded coconut that added another layer to the dish.

Andhra food
Munaga Vepudu

The menu also offers Sabudana Khichdi. While the dish was quite a comforting find and it had a great texture, we would have preferred it more if it was loaded with vegetables.

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No sugarcoating

Last up on the menu was a dessert — Chia Pudding, for those who want to avoid a sugar overdose but still want to satiate their dessert cravings. The creamy milk, chia seeds, and nuts as toppings turned out to be a splendid combination.

Rs.1,500 ++ per meal. Available on Qmin app