Chennapatnam cooks for you a Southern dream

With culinary edits and a lot of love, Chennapatnam’s Gongura Kebab and Coconut Junnu, among others, portray the tanginess and zest of Peninsular India
Mutton Keema Balls
Mutton Keema Balls

Chennapatnam brought amazement in its latest menu as it presented the Chennapatnam Wings, a tempting treat of deep-fried chicken, adorned with a tadka infusion of chillies, garlic, and curry leaves. The crispy exterior gave way to appetising meat, the robust tadka elevating the dish to an aromatic crescendo. Next on the junket was the Gongura Kebab, the restaurant’s commitment to subtlety.

Delicately spiced, the kebabs exuded coriander and minimal punch, allowing the natural taste of the meat to shine. The Mutton Keema Balls were also a delight and showcased the prowess of Chennapatnam. The keema balls boasted a perfect balance of spices, creating a savoury explosion that lingered on the plate. Old recipes in this modern creation exemplified a cherisher of culinary heritage.

Dishes, encasing the richness of Coorg spices, spoke volumes about the restaurant’s willingness to experiment while staying true to the regional roots. The Chennapatnam Chicken Pulao encased jeera rice and fried kebabs. The fragrant aroma of the pulao beckoned us, and with every forkful, we were transported to the bustling streets of old Chennai.

Bangla Kodi Chips, an Andhra specialty, brought a perfect twist. Aloo chips served as a crispy shell for chicken, creating an irresistible contrast in each bite. Coconut Junnu emerged as a blissful finale. The buffalo milk pudding provided a comforting end to our meal.

The coconut undertones added a tropical nuance. The composition’s levelled smoothness and gentle graininess unfolded a creamy essence that left a lingering sweetness — neither overpowering nor overly sweet.

`500 for two. At Gachibowli.

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