Wok 'n' roll as Chowman opens its new outpost in Hyderabad

Some must-try dishes like Prawn Ka Seong, Roasted Chilli Pork, and Shrimp emphasise Chowman’s unforgettable offerings
Butter Garlic Prawns
Butter Garlic Prawns

The Sparkling Blueberry awaited us. Or, perhaps, we were awaiting a refreshing libation that set the tone for the evening’s epicurean voyage. We loved its blue infusion. Chowman’s second and just-opened outpost in the city has a distinction that extends beyond traditional Chinese fare, boasting an expansive menu of over 600+ dishes inspired by managing director Debaditya Chaudhury’s global travels across oriental countries.

From the moment we stepped through the doors, we were greeted by an inviting atmosphere that blended contemporary design with a touch of cultural allure, setting the tone for the finest dining. The Kolkata Style Chilli Chicken unfolded as a savoury overture, spices dancing with succulent chicken, embodying a well-choreographed performance amidst the city’s gastronomic heritage.

Following this, the Pan Fried Chicken advanced crispiness. Transitioning to the mains, the Chowman Special Noodles played an irregular note in its culinary composition and the Tibetan Momos, in turn, were an artisanal beauty that symbolised intricate designs in Himalayan handicrafts. The palatable tidings and dumplings epitomised a perfect fusion of tradition with its contemporary culinary twists.

The Butter Garlic Prawns ferried us to coastal precincts while our culinary sojourn with Darsan dessert left a sweet resonance. Beyond our chosen repertoire, the Prawn Ka Seong is a good pick if one wants a sonnet of spices. So are the Roasted Chilli Pork and Chilli Shrimp, which offer a play of heat and pulpiness to fine-tune your gastronomic narrative.

Despite the challenges posed by the 2020 lockdown, Chowman’s national expansion initiative remains steadfast, with plans to extend its culinary footprint to Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, and Chennai in the coming years. Recent accolades have further affirmed Chowman’s trajectory as a brand of the future, with a coveted feature on Disney Hotstar.

`800 upwards for two. At Madhapur. —  chokita@newindianexpress.com @PaulChokita

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