Review: Here's why Dirty Martini in Jubilee Hills should be your next hangout spot

A Harini Prasad Published :  05th July 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  05th July 2019 06:00 AM
Vada Pav

Malaysian Peanut Infused Vada Pav

A refreshing martini, picturesque view of Jubilee Hills and fluffy grey clouds hanging at a distance — we just settled down in the newly opened Dirty Martini, and we love it already! Add to that, pop music playing at a decibel level that allows conversations that one would like to have over good drinks.

Located on the fifth floor of the Alcazar Mall in Road No 36, Jubilee Hills, this resto-bar is all about minimalist décor, comfortable cushioned sofas, and bar stools and beautiful views of the city.

Although seemingly modest from the outside, it’s only when you walk in that you observe the expanse of the 250-seater, which has both indoor and outdoor sections with a bar in each of them. The idea, we’re told, is not just to make it another partying spot in the city, but also a place to go to for a wholesome meal.

Dirty Martini

As we finish off the classic Dirty Martini with an olive garnish by bartender Arvind Jena, we’re intrigued by the first dish that makes its way to the table. Served in a glass is Parmesan Lotus Stem with a trio dip — mayonnaise, sweet chilli and soya. Crispy with no traces of oil, the spicy dip gives the otherwise bland fries the right flavour.

Parmesan Lotus Stem

The Malaysian Peanut Infused Vada Pav is served wrapped in a banana leaf. While we love the tamarind chilli peanut powder that comes as an accompaniment, the vada pavs are just as delicious as the ones served in the streets of Mumbai.

Teriyaki Chicken

Among the non-vegetarian starters, the crispy and juicy Teriyaki Chicken is a must-try. However, what truly impresses us is the Lat-Ma-Kai. The diced chicken is wok-cooked with onion, capsicum, garlic and red chilli paste with five Chinese spices.

Kalamari and Onion Rings

We wash it down with Masala Chai — a unique twist of flavours with vodka, chai and masala mixed together and garnished with an orange.

Masala Chai

The menu also offers a range of salads and vegan options for the health conscious folks.


After tasting a plethora of starters, we settle for a chilled mocktail — Orange Blossom and Oriental Rally pizza for the mains. In the first bite, the 10-inch pizza — with toppings of onions, bell pepper and other veggies — doesn’t give us any taste of Oriental flavours. However, we’re told that the sauce used is schezwan, which we notice is very subtle. Meanwhile, Chef Harinder Singh informs us that he’s working on a few new dishes that will soon be open for public in the new menu, along with a dessert section — another reason for us to visit Dirty Martini again, apart from the view, of course!

Price for two: Rs.1,400.
Pics: Sathya Keerthi.