Roastery Coffee House in Kolkata is brewing coffee with perfection and precision

From cold press to pour over and French press to Syhon and more, Roastery Coffee House is a den for coffee connoisseur 

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  19th July 2019 01:29 AM   |   Published :   |  19th July 2019 01:29 AM

Espresso at the Roastery Coffee House

CONVERSATION OVER COFFEE is never going to be the same again in the city. Brewing coffee with precision and perfection, Roastery Coffee House, a Hyderabad-based bistro is here on a staggering 4,000 sq ft property, away from the main street at Hindustan Road. The month-old coffee outlet is already a hit. The outdoor space has a more European touch with chequered floors and baroque seating arrangements. Its indoors have Indian style decor indoors. Either way, you’re welcomed with a distinct warmth that owes its credit to the velvety aroma of coffee.

Nishant at the Roastery Coffee House, Kolkata

The brewing station is a mix of a kitchen and a chemistry lab. While the espresso machine gushes out smoke while preparing a strong sip, the Syphon extracts the best flavours of the beans in a cuppa. The sight of the cold press coffee dripping from the tall glass apparatus sent us back to our chemistry class. The other processes that extract the best possible character of the coffee at Roastery include Aeropress, French press, Pour over, Cold drip and Nitro. And the most important is the roasting machine that rests on one side. Cascara, served in a tulip glass gave us our first caffeine kick with its fruity flavour, and we added it to our favourite sip-list. Made from the outer layer of coffee seeds the cold beverage was refreshing as well. We also sipped on some Cold Brew and loved the sweet and bitter flavour. For those who love cold coffee, they can try the one with a dollop of ice cream. Nishant Sinha, who owns the café along with two other partners, has over a decade experience in the industry and sources the best quality from Chikmagalur farmers. He says, “Every bean is processed and brewed differently. We source a specific variety and process it in-house at different temperature involving different techniques. For example, we don’t roast honey-roasted coffee medium or dark but light. Again, washed method coffee is roasted medium and Monsoon Malabar is roasted light.”

For Nishant, coffee is more than just a cup that gives you a kick of caffeine. He avers, “We involve science in coffee. We know coffee is an energy drink that gives you a kick, but for us it’s a religion. We extract the unique character from the coffee for a different purpose. And we are in Kolkata to make good coffee moments precious.” The 60-seater café has an extensive menu of the beloved beverage. Food too hasn’t been left out and you will find pasta, bruschetta, English breakfast and more for that complementary munch. “The food is homely, something we have daily. While the showstopper is coffee, the food doesn’t take a back seat,” says Sheetal, Nishant’s wife who has helped prepare the food menu. Coffee pairing bites is also there in the menu.

Rs 1,000 ++ for two.

— Farah Khatoon