This new cafe in Edappally offers connoisseurs signature brews and snacks from UAE

author_img Likhitha P Nair Published :  27th September 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  27th September 2019 06:00 AM

Interiors of Selfie Tea

Watching the rain pour down while sipping on a hot cup of tea sounds like a nice way to spend your evening. The newly opened outlet of UAE-based chain of restaurants, Selfie Tea has all of this—a great view of the NH-544, beverages from around the world and a variety of quick bites. Founded in 2016, the team is now spreading its menu to multiple destinations like India, Turkey, and the UK. “We refuse to compromise on quality. The food and beverages business is a serious endeavour and keeping your customer interested requires a lot of hard work,” says Edwin Edison, head of operations for the brand.

Cup of treat
The warm, well-lit ambience of the café is quite welcoming. As I sit and wait for the food to arrive, Edwin walks in with a tall transparent flask, containing a saffire blue decoction and a timer with three hourglasses—set for three, four and five minutes. Made from Asian pigeonwings or sankhupushpam, this lavish green-blue tea comes from India’s tea capital, Assam. The timer decides how strong your herbal tea will be, in terms of colour and a trace of subtle bitterness, which is an acquired taste for connoisseurs. For regular tea lovers, the selfie saffron is a must-try. Made from high quality, fragrant Iranian saffron, this milk drink hits you with an intense and refreshing flavour of the spice. The café also offers milkshakes and mojitos, and our pick is the creamy lotus blossom milkshake, made using imported biscoff spread as the main ingredient.

Selfie saffron tea

Quick pick
Chef Abdul Mubarak is quite particular about the freshness of the food served at Selfie Tea. The grilled beef burger comes with a juicy patty made in-house from ground beef. Next up is the chicken crunchy max, a Mexican tortilla wrap that contains crispy meat and vegetables, topped with chef’s secret sauce. The highlight of the quick bites section is the fresh fruit club sandwich, the first of its kind in the city. Made from layers of fresh fruits and a single layer of Nutella and honey, this is a perfect snack for those looking for healthier options.

Fresh fruit club sandwich

Opposite Lulu Mall. 
From 11 am to 11 pm.