Calcutta Chronicles’ new Raksha Bandhan menu is for siblings to bond better

Mumbai’s Bengali cuisine-based restaurant, Calcutta Chronicles crafts a one-of-its-kind culinary soirée to celebrate kinship
Bhetki Paturi
Bhetki Paturi

As the bliss of Raksha Bandhan falls on us, Mumbai's Bengali cuisine-based restaurant, Calcutta Chronicles extends a gracious invitation that resonates with the very spirit of unity and elation. Embarking on an odyssey from August 28 to September 3, the resplendent Rashabandhan Week pays homage to sibling connections through an epicurean voyage unlike any other.

Distinguished by its reverential approach, this jubilee is anchored in a bespoke set menu, a masterwork that not only evokes the tender sentiment of Raksha Bandhan but elevates it into an ambrosial art form. The union of tradition and innovation is exquisitely encapsulated in the offerings of Calcutta Chronicles, a testament to their devotion to harmonising the past and present.

For those connoisseurs of taste who seek the zenith of gastronomic indulgence, the Non-Vegetarian Platter, a crescendo appears before them. The overture begins with two starters — Fish Kolmimentine and Chicken Cheese Buttery Fry — each note a prelude to an opulent aria of Bhetki Paturi and Railway Mutton Curry. The accompanying ensemble of Pulao or Steamed Rice, Tekona Paratha or Luchi, and the composition of exquisite chutneys sets the tone for untapped decadence that culminates in divine desserts.

Conversely, the Vegetarian Platter, a balletic offering enchants with a melodic journey. The ballet commences with the graceful Chhena Kolmimentine and Soya Shammi Kabab, unfolding into a lyrical medley of Komola Phulkopi, Sorshe Bhindi and Hing Aloo Dum. The dishes conclude on a dulcet note with a dessert that leaves a lingering encore.

Calcutta Chronicles, in their gracious benevolence, presents the option to relish these culinary wonders within their hallowed dining space or to luxuriate in them from the embrace of home, carried by their delivery service. Each morsel is not just an edible offering, but a sonnet crafted by the hands of culinary artisans, an ode that serenades the harmonious marriage of heritage and contemporary artistry.

Indeed, in this celebration of palates and sentiments, the ethos of Raksha Bandhan is impeccably encapsulated. 

INR 1,000 for two. At Powai.

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