Dentist-turned-baker Mansi Mhatre's Sweet Sins offers cupcake bouquets for Diwali

Baked to perfection, her Fudgy Chocolate Brownies were gooey and a bite was enough to distract one from whatever chore they have in their hand and finish the entire brownie, in our case brownies

Heena Khandelwal Published :  13th November 2020 07:00 PM   |   Published :   |  13th November 2020 07:00 PM

Dentist-turned-baker Mansi Mhatre's Sweet Sins is offering cupcake bouquets for Diwali

The lockdown saw Mumbai-based dentist Mansi Mhatre turning her hobby into a business as she started Sweet Sins, a home bakery that offers cakes, brownies, cookies and cupcakes. For Diwali, the 23-year-old self-taught baker has prepared cupcake bouquets, an alternative to a traditional floral arrangement that works well as a gift. But, how did this transition from dentistry to baking happen for Mansi?

“Ever since I remember, I loved being in the kitchen. I tried my hands on baking and immediately loved it. The first dish that I baked was carrot cake and since then I have been baking cakes for my family and friends for their birthdays and wedding anniversaries,” recalls Mansi. But, when the pandemic hit, Mansi had to take a break from her clinic, which gave her more time to bake and she chalked out a business plan. Soon the word spread and she started receiving orders. 

“Baking is like a therapy to me. Feeling low? Get some ingredients and whip up a cake. The aroma of a cake is being baked and the feeling of having that first bite… ahh, I can do it all day every day,” adds Mansi. 

But why didn’t she enrol in a baking course instead of pursuing dentistry? “Who said one can’t have two careers? I’m in love with both my professions. The feeling of seeing a patient smiling after a treatment or a customer relishing a cupcake is the same for me. And, I would definitely love to enrol myself in baking courses sometime in near future, I am always more than ready to learn new things in life,” she adds. 

When asked about her star product, she instantly chose Fudgy Chocolate Brownies, and we couldn’t agree more. Baked to perfection, they were gooey and a bite was enough to distract one from whatever chore they have in their hand and finish the entire brownie, in our case brownies. We also tried Nutella Stuffed Choco Chip Cookies and they too surprised us pleasantly, so much so that we asked her for their recipe. 

Nutella Stuffed Choco Chip Cookies

Ingredients (for 9 cookies): Nutella - 10 tbsp, unsalted butter - 110g, castor sugar - 100g, vanilla essence - 1 tsp, egg - 1, all-purpose flour - 175 g, baking soda - 1 tsp, cornstarch - 7g, chocolate chips - 100 gm, salt to taste

• Scoop out Nutella dollops on a parchment paper and freeze it for 30 mins.
• Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Combine well and set aside.
• In another bowl, take room temperature softened butter, add sugar, vanilla essence and mix it well. To this add one large egg, combine well.
• Add the dry ingredients to the butter mixture and combine well, make sure not to leave out any lumps of flour. Now, add the chocolate chips and mix.
• Let the dough rest in the refrigerator for 30 mins.
• Take a ball size of dough, flatten it out on your hand, place the frozen Nutella in the centre of the dough and mould the dough around it to form a ball.
• Let these cookie balls set in the refrigerator again for 15 mins.
• Preheat the oven at 350F for 10-12 mins. Place the balls on your baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake for 10-12 mins or until the edges turn golden brown.
• Store in an airtight container.