Trend alert: Bento cake boxes are Instagram's latest must-try dessert trend

Bento cake boxes are the biggest dessert trend of the season

author_img U.Roy Published :  05th August 2021 01:46 PM   |   Published :   |  05th August 2021 01:46 PM
bento cake boxes

It's the season of bento cakes!

Smaller celebrations need smaller treats and single-serve cakes are clearly winning big. Turns out petite, modest-sized cakes can be all kinds of grand and fit right into a bento box. ‘Lunchbox cakes’ as they are also being called are not just easy to pack but also convenient for customers who want more than just one flavour.  A set of three bento box cakes (each weighing 350-400 grams) is great for a gathering of 12-15 people, so one can opt for multiple flavours or bases without having to spend too much.

bento box cake
Bento cake boxes by Mumbai's Bak’d by Anushi

Bento styling has had a huge influence on meal prep culture since bento lunches are essentially easy-to-assemble meals for those on the go that makes room for multiple courses and makes portion control easier. The bento cakes follow the same format since it offers diversity and variety.

"Bento cakes are mini cakes, not more than four inches in diameter and come nestled in a takeout box. They were first popularised by South Korea and are commonly found in almost all Korean cafes and bakeries. ... Bento cakes are useful for mini celebrations that do not warrant a full-size cake,” Mumbai bakery Bakeology’s Swarada Shukla shares. The bakery recently launched a Friendship day special menu which featured bento cakes at Rs 100

Bento cheesecake
An with a Pan's Anushka Mehra makes mini bento cheesecakes that are approximately 2.5 inches wide

An With A Pan’s Anushka Mehra is serving 2.5-inch mini cheesecakes at just Rs 275. The baker also offers four-inch bento cakes that cost around Rs 400. Her cakes are also completely customisable, right from the base flavour to the topping. Bento cakes are the ideal party favours since they can be incredibly decadent and yet still quite convenient to transport, and can also be designed to fit a theme.

bento box cakes
Head Over Meals By Chandni offers a wide range of flavours including an edible gold topping

Bandra bakery service Head Over Meals by Chandni, for instance, made Friends-themed bento cakes that matched the famous purple door of Monica’s apartment. The bakery is also serving some of the most extravagant bento cakes like Belgian chocolate mousse cake topped with rich Callebaut cocoa powder and chocolate ganache cakes with edible gold topping.