Maverick & Farmer's new cafe is one for the coffee geeks with options like Coffee Cherry Soda and Clarified Cappuccino

Maverick & Farmer is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to coffee

Anagha M Published :  01st April 2022 05:00 AM   |   Published :   |  01st April 2022 05:00 AM
Old Smokey Pour Over

Old Smokey Pour Over

Maverick & Farmer is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to coffee, whether it is lacto-fermentation or making the world’s first cold smoked coffee. Located inside the RBANMS Grounds, their new cafe has a great view. Diners can sit back with their cuppa and watch the football matches in progress. The location and the innovative menu piqued our interest so we headed there on a Saturday afternoon.

Be it beloved classics such as lattes and cold coffees, or some left field creations like a Clarified Cappuccino, there is something for all levels of coffee aficionados. We had to start with the Clarified Cappuccino, as that’s what we were most curious about. The beverage is clear and not milky at all. Through their clarification process (which is a secret they were not willing to reveal), all the milk solids are removed. The cappuccino was served on ice, and was refreshing and fruity. Another refreshing number was the ’Spresso Citron. The drink is made with frozen espresso, orange and chocolate. The three flavour notes were distinct but well balanced —  a winning combination. 

Clarified Cappuccino

Cherry on top
Another fascinating creation was the Coffee Cherry Soda. The cold beverage uses a syrup made from the pulp of the coffee fruit that is usually discarded. Low in caffeine, this is our pick for the hot summer months. The next drink on the table was Old Smokey Pour Over. This one is made from Maverick & Farmer’s medium roast coffee and the smoky finish complements the flavours of the drink. Another classic that deserves a mention is the Vietnamese Iced Coffee. The drink is available in many cafes in the city, but the one here was the perfect combination of sweet and strong.

Square burger

Fair and square
To compensate for all the caffeine, we also tucked into a few dishes from their food menu. Their signature offerings are the square burgers. Made in-house, these have a square shaped bun and patty. Our recommendation is the chicken pesto option, Being a Pesto. The chicken, marinated in freshly made pesto sauce, packs in quite the punch. The menu also offers rice bowls in Asian, South Indian or Mediterranean options, pastas and pizzas. We ended our meal with a slice of Chocolate Banana Cake and a Marble Cake. The former was delicious and we could not help but go in for seconds. Both the cakes were moist, and paired excellently with the brews. With fun quirky brews, and a comforting food menu, Maverick & Farmer might just be our new favourite coffee shop in central Bengaluru. A must-visit for sunny, lazy afternoons.

Rs 1,000 for two. 
At Gangadhar Chetty Road   anaghzzz