This popular café, known for employing people with special needs, has opened a beautiful new outlet in Kokapet

We eagerly ordered the signature Echoes weekend party board (veg) — a must-try for any visitor
Echoes weekend party board (veg)
Echoes weekend party board (veg)

Sometimes, all you need is a good heart to make people happy. Step into Echoes, a popular café in the city, and be prepared for surprises. Known for crafting a unique dining experience, the eatery employs individuals with special needs — those with speech and hearing impairments — who cater to your every request wholeheartedly. Those familiar with the idea, know that unique codes identify dishes here, while customers place their orders using notepads. Tables are equipped with light bulbs to signal servers, creating an innovative experience. In an exciting news for food lovers, Echoes has recently opened a new outlet for Hyderabadis. Owned by Sahib Sarna and Shivansh Kanwar, the brand’s mission is to create employment opportunities for specially-abled individuals. We visited the newly opened Kokapet outlet to immerse ourselves in its welcoming ambience and savour the culinary delights.

The eatery offers a serene tropical escape with its beautifully designed space. The al fresco dining area with lush greenery, provides comfortable seating bathed in sunlight, creating a soothing atmosphere. After going inside, we were captivated by the contemporary décor with a charming vintage touch. Vibrant paintings add splashes of colour and charm, while the attractive brick wall interiors further enhance the inviting ambience.

Echoes Afghani tandoori momos
Echoes Afghani tandoori momos
Supreme farmhouse topped with
crispy nachos
Supreme farmhouse topped with crispy nachos

We eagerly ordered the signature Echoes weekend party board (veg) — a must-try for any visitor. This lavish board was a visual feast. It featured a bowl of papdi chaat adorned with curd, sev, and a medley of chutneys. Generous portions of French fries with tantalising dips, crispy spring rolls with wholesome filling, veg fried momos, and paneer starters paired with authentic green chutney completed this culinary masterpiece. Next, we had the Peri peri fat chicken strips with triple dips. The chicken starter was irresistibly crispy, and when paired with the appetising dips, it tasted simply marvellous! Given their renowned variety of momos, we chose the Echoes Afghani tandoori momos. These delectable morsels were perfectly smokey and featured a rich, creamy twist.

Following that, we indulged in a mouth-watering pizza — the Supreme farmhouse topped with crispy nachos. This wood-fired delight featured a blend of mozzarella and buf f alo mo zzarella cheeses, complemented by jalapenos, bell peppers, onions, and a unique addition of crispy nachos. Venturing beyond typical café fare, they recently introduced wholesome meals. We savoured the Echoes Chinese chicken dabba, served in nostalgic steel tiffin boxes reminiscent of school days. One container housed Spring hakka noodles, while another held a fiery chilli chicken gravy. Completing the meal was a delightful Dragon cheese spring roll piece in the remaining box.

Peri peri fat chicken strips
Peri peri fat chicken strips

As we wrapped up our experience, the heavenly Sunday Make a Wish dessert, crafted with cream cheese, Nutella, butter crumb cookie, and coco dust, left us enchanted. And let’s not forget the lip-smacking beverages — the Strawberry virgin margarita and Nutella falls with Ferrero pebbles were simply irresistible. For a place that excels in every culinary delight, a visit is an absolute must!

INR 1,000 upwards for two. At Kokapet.

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Echoes weekend party board (veg)
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