Chef Sumeet Landwani of Swissotel Kolkata shares exclusive recipe for a mango-licious treat

Before the market gets flooded with the topical delight, Swissotel's chef shares a delectable mango recipe

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Mango delight by Swissotel, Kolkata (pic by Satwik Paul)

White Chocolate Mango Mousse, Lychee Custard, Coconut Ice Cream by Chef Sumeet Landwani, Swissotel

The velvety texture of mousse, creamy notes of custard, and the sublime taste of ice-cream make this dessert a three-in-one delight.

Chef Sumeet Landwani

Ingredients for White chocolate Mango Mousse:

100 gm mango pulp

350 ml milk 

5 egg yolks

50 gm sugar

A3 gelatine sheets 

370 gm white chocolate


Make a Créme Anglaise, pour it over the melted chocolate, and emulsify. Add the gelatin sheets. Once the emulsion reaches 40 degrees Celsius, add the whipped cream and mix, until you get a smooth and shiny mixture.

Ingredients for Lychee Custard:

250 gm cream

3 egg yolks

50 gm sugar 

4 lychees


Heat the cream in a pan until it reaches 80°C, add sugar, and boil. Add the yolks. Strain the cream mixture. Add chopped lychees on top, and bake in a small round silicon mat for 20 minutes. Then freeze the mixture.

Ingredients for Coconut Ice Cream

400 gm cream

90 gm sugar

5 yolks

one vanilla bean

100 ml coconut milk


In a pan, heat the cream until 80°C, add sugar and vanilla beans, and boil. Add the yolks and cook on a low flame until thick. Strain the creamy mixture and churn in an ice cream machine till it’s set, and then freeze the mixture. 


Fill half of a dome silicon mat with the Mango mousse, then place into each centre, and insert. Smooth over to the level of the mat with the remaining mousse and freeze the mixture. Unmould the mousse, spray it with yellow cocoa butter, and let it thaw. Place the mousse on a plate, decorate with fresh mango, blueberries, micro-sponge, mango gel, edible flowers, dried coconut shavings, yellow chocolate and finish with a dollop of coconut ice cream.