This new app can be used by authorities to track those under home quarantine  

The app was developed by a start-up in Kochi 

author_img Ana M Published :  09th May 2020 04:36 PM   |   Published :   |  09th May 2020 04:36 PM


Four young enterprising IT professionals in Kerala have come up with a new tracking app that can be used by authorities to track those in quarantine. The start-up, Pinmicro, which has an office at Infopark in Kochi, is based out of Japan, by now have received enquiries from various government authorities about their app- Assistplus and meTrack.

Tiby Kuruvila, Global CEO of Pinmicro said they have been receiving enquiries about a potential solution to help effective implementation of quarantine. "Our existing solution was to monitor the time spent by people inside facilities such as hospitals and factories or by guests in front of a pavilion during an event, to analyse their interest. We added a few more components to it to develop meTrack," said Kuruvila.

The Indian CEO of Pinmicro, A.V. Ravindranath said meTrack helps to track and locate quarantined people with the help of a Smartphone application and a smart-band.

"It also offers a web console that provides health administrators with dashboards to monitor all quarantine activities real-time. The platform integrates multiple technologies including GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth to ensure that the system is reliable and foolproof," said Ravindranath.

*Edited from an IANS report