Do you like using emojis? Find out which emoji you've been using the most on Facebook and Twitter

author_img Ayesha T Published :  17th July 2021 04:35 PM   |   Published :   |  17th July 2021 04:35 PM
World Emoji Day

It’s the World Emoji Day! While there is mixed opinion on whether we must express our emotions through emojis or just stick to the written word, there’s no harm in using emojis to add a little drama to our short text messages on different platforms. So, what’s your favourite emoji? If you live in India, and work here, then you perhaps notice similar emojis being used by most people.

According to Facebook, if you belong to the Gen Z group, then the ‘Heart Emoji’ is what you would be using the most, but if you are a millennial, then it’s the ‘Thanks or the Prayer’ emoji, those belonging to the Gen X Boomer category too use the same emojis as the millennials. People also shared a lot of other emojis on the social media platform to express their moods and all that was going on in their lives. 

Emojis on Facebook
Most popular emojis on Facebook

In the period, between April and June, Indians used the ‘syringe’ emoji a lot more than usual on Facebook, perhaps indicating that they had been jabbed. The ‘face with medical mask’ and ‘microbe’ emojis were also shared. In addition to this food emojis, particularly of cakes and pastries were among the most popular. Facebook also discovered that women created more posts had emojis compared to posts by men. 

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Emojis on Twitter
Most popuarl emojis on Twitter

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the ‘Tears of Joy’ emoji was the top emoji used by unique users in India alone. This was followed by the‘Prayer’ emoji in the second place, and ‘Crying Face’ in the third place. Like Facebook, Twitter also recorded other emojis in the fitness, hobbies, food and drink, appreciation and nature categories – being used a lot more than usual. The micro-blogging platform also introduced the custom emoji to support COVID-19 conversations - depicting the Indian flag in a caring cup of hands. The emoji could be activated with the hashtags #Covid19IndiaHelp and #COVIDIndiaSOS. Twitter took its emojis so seriously that it even introduced emojis for Vijay’s movie, Master, an emoji for the Indian Republic Day, and for the IPL.

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