Clubhouse may launch an in-room gaming feature

As part of the initial launch, the app is rolling out a game called "Wild Cards"

author_img IANS Published :  13th April 2022 04:59 PM   |   Published :   |  13th April 2022 04:59 PM


Clubhouse has confirmed that it is testing a new in-room gaming feature on both iOS and Android platforms.

As part of the initial launch, the app is rolling out a game called "Wild Cards", which presents a series of questions that are designed to spur conversation and help people get to know each other better, the company confirmed to TechCrunch on Tuesday.

The game is currently only available in English.

To begin a game on Clubhouse, users have to click the "+Rooms" button and then select the "Games" option. Users will then be dropped in a social room where they can invite friends to play with them.

Once everyone is in the room, users can click "Start Game" to begin playing, the report said.

The company provided a list of questions that may be asked during the game. For example, users may be asked to pitch their best idea for a movie or series in 60 seconds.

Or, they may be asked to try to find a movie that the whole group loves in three minutes or less. Other questions may ask them to share the last five things in their search history or explain what type of dog matches their personality.

The new gaming feature comes as Clubhouse recently added a text chat feature into its voice rooms that's akin to what people might see on YouTube or Twitch.