Tagbin experiential startup is helping museums and government embrace immersive, digital tech

Tagbin has successfully completed 10 digital museums across India, including the PM Museum (Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya)

Tagbin, a tech-driven organisation that specialises in creating physical experiences through immersive digital technology, is making strides with their architectural excellence through their digital museums and digital innovations.

There are nearly 1,000 museums in India, and the Central Government plans to complete the 3D digitization of all museums under its administrative control by the end of the year for better conservation of artifacts. Museums have acted as the guardians of history and antiquity, and they are institutions that display and preserve objects of significance.

Tagbin has successfully completed 10 digital museums across India, including the PM Museum (Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya). Museums are the perfect amalgamation of history and art, with a blend of modern technology bringing the past to present life. Tagbin team, which consists of designers, a modern team of architects, project management consultants, and technology consultants, has been successful in adding experiential value to numerous government projects and private undertakings as well, across India.

“Museum-making is another top thing in architecture, including others, and the architects who get to design these museums have already given an example of excellence and legacy. 3D digitization in the museum space or digital museums can offer visitors new ways to access and explore the heritage,” says Saurav Bhaik, CEO & Founder of Tagbin.

As an engineering student, innovation and technology always intrigued Saurav. He completed B Tech from IIT Roorkee in 2013. During his college life, he was involved in all sorts of entrepreneurial activities around the campus, and was also the leader of Robocon’12 – the Biggest International Robotics Competition in Asia- Pacific region held in IIT Roorkee.

Light and Sound Show
Light and Sound Show

He was taken by the way directors were able to successfully provide a beautiful experience through simple screens in a matter of just 3 hours. Even magicians could provide a very different experience to its viewers without even revealing the trick. “The wow factor was irresistible, and that inspired me to blend technology with creativity to create magical experience by using experiential solutions,” says Saurav.

He started Tagbin Service Pvt Ltd in 2013, which integrated Tagging Technology with various Social Media Platforms. “The idea was to create buzz for an event after event registrations as well as check-ins. With continues innovation and rethinking of concepts, Tagbin evolved into what it is today,” says the CEO.

Today, Tagbin is an experiential solution provider for various brands, museums, and institutions.

Saurav says he is inspired by Elon Musk, and thinks beyond the realm of realities, making dreams come true. “I started at a very young age by reading and learning new subjects,” he recollects. He is an engineer by degree but his knowledge makes him an expert architect, designer, and accountant as well.

He understands the complexities of the market and the myriad consumer mindsets. Taking into account the challenges and dynamism the corporate sector carries, he likes to create immersive experiences, which is no less than magic for the audience.

“The mantra behind my success is to work while others sleep in order to achieve the unachievable. Success is there just around the corner, near the edge, the time to grab is now,” he signs off.

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