Exclusive: View Swastika Mukherjee and Jaya Ahsan's first shoot together

These two very talented actors from both sides of Bengal met for the very first time and had a blast during the fashion shoot.

author_img Published :  30th March 2023 10:53 PM   |   Published :   |  30th March 2023 10:53 PM
Bobo Calcutta
Swastika and Jaya are wearing Bobo Calcutta jackets hand-embroidered in silk inspired from the rainforests. It is a surreal interpretation of a world full of hybrids and bloom.
The PatchUp India
The beauties are wearing The PatchUp India's Fly Coord Set in white and black with modern applique patchwork
Bohurupi Santiniketan
The actors are wearing ensembles from Bohurupi Santiniketan's Spring summer edit in yellow hues with Palash stencils prints in mal cotton
Swastika on scripts
Swastika feels that more than good roles, there’s a huge dearth of good scripts. 'I don’t mind having a small role in a good script but it can never be the opposite,' she adds.
Jaya on Tollywood playing safe
'In Tollywood', Jaya says, 'they lack the courage and want to play safe. They want to put everything in the predictable dais and are cagey to try out new things.'
Swastika on casting together
Swastika feels, 'People are scared – from direction department to the art and music department – that no one will talk about them but only us if we are star together.'
Jaya continuation
To it Jaya adds, 'When Indulge offered us this fashion shoot, it excited me to no end. I really don’t know why no one thought of casting us together.'
the actors on casting themselves
While Swastika would love to cast themselves in Basera, Jaya would like to cast them in a very romantic period film.
Jaya on Bangladeshi industry
Jaya on Bangladeshi industry: 'Have a lot more courage to take on newer challenges than Tollywood since as a nation we have always fought against adversity.'
Swastika on Tollywood
Swastika's take on Tollywood: 'We know everything and our knowledge is the ultimate. We are happy with mediocrity.'
Jaya on being single
Jaya on being single: 'After observing what’s happening around me, I feel I am better off being single.'
Swastika on being single
Swastika adds on that being single is 'very boring, this much I can say.'