The Warrior Run is set to be Kolkata's first professionally timed marathon for children

The Warrior Run could be a new milestone for the city as it aims at gearing children towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle, while also working for a worthy cause  

author_img Ujjainee Roy Published :  08th November 2019 09:27 AM   |   Published :   |  08th November 2019 09:27 AM

Will you be at The Warrior Run this week?

Kolkata is set to get its first ever professionally-timed marathon for children and the event is anchored by a couple of fantastic causes which will benefit children from all walks of life. The Warrior Run, supported by Indulge, The New indian Express, which will be held on November 10 at the Calcutta Police Athletic Club, 6 am onwards, is a way of giving the kids a more active lifestyle and to steer them away from too much screen time.

“Kids are always indoors nowadays with i-Pads and phones and the concept of going out and playing is just not there anymore. The run is a great way to lead the kids to fitness as they will also need to train for the run and it engages them in some physical activity,” we are told by Richa Daga, the founder of Fun Pickle, one of the organisers of the run. 

The Warrior Run aims to lead children to a fitter lifestyle

The marathon has been sectioned into three categories, two kilometres, three kilometres and five kilometres and anyone between the ages of 3 and 21 can sign up for the run. In fact, toddlers can also run with their parent as a fun bonding exercise. In fact, Richa, who’s a mum of two, will be participating in the marathon with her two children aged eight and five. The training period for the marathon is essentially what would benefit the children’s health as they will need to be consistent in their exercises. 

“Just like you have to prepare in advance for an exam, you also have to train for a marathon if you want to do well. So, the children get serious about it,” Richa tells us. But the marathon is more than just an avenue of well-being, as it is also aiming to benefit children from all walks of life by giving them a platform.

The Warrior Run is set to be an annual event

"We are also bringing in some children from underprivileged backgrounds; this is also a way to get kids from every stratum of society, especially as they can meet, interact and talk and run together. This run is associated with an athletic group which is always hunting for talent and we will have some people from the association at the run as well. Underprivileged children often do not get that exposure, so this could be a great way to uphold their athletic talents,” adds Richa. 

We are also told that The Warrior Run is set to turn into an annual event. “This way you can track this year’s performance and aim to do better the next time, which will keep the kids motivated throughout the year,” adds Richa.