The art of gifting

Kochi-native Fathima Subi found her calling with designing festive hampers and started online venture ‘The Pink Chocolatier’

author_img Mahima Anna Jacob Published :  12th November 2021 03:31 PM   |   Published :   |  12th November 2021 03:31 PM

The online venture ‘The Pink Chocolatier’ strikes a chord with each of its handcrafted packages.

Fathima Subi has been sparking joy in the lives of many with her elegant personalised gift hampers. Made with the utmost care, the online venture ‘The Pink Chocolatier’ strikes a chord with each of its handcrafted packages.

Subi has always been intrigued by art and craft since childhood. The engineer by profession stepped into everything craftsy last year with chocolate wrapping. Giving a twist to the already tried and tested scented candles and boxes, Subi unleashed her creativity and brought the idea of customised chocolate wrapping into an art. 

“When my son was 40 days old, I wanted to gift return favours to those who visited us. I was sure that it should be something inventive. Since I couldn’t find anyone doing the customised chocolate wrapping, I did it myself,” says Subi. 

She started providing customise wrapping to locally available chocolates that were already a favourite among sweet tooths. With themed prints, initials engraved, handmade bows attached and packed to match the decor, the wrappings are as beautiful as the tasty chocolates inside. “The proper sizing and prints are the result of many trial and errors. I used to wrap each of the chocolates to figure out the required size,” she says.

Eventually, the brand’s list of fully customised products started to grow. Now, gift hampers have become the most demanded items. Her love for the colour pink is quite visible in most of her hampers. Superhero theme, FRIENDS, Harry Potter and even monotone shades — you name it Fathima can make that hamper.  From minimalistic designs to over the top themed ones, the 25-year old has managed to curate many unique ones, some straight out of her imagination. One such is the beach themed hamper. “The birthday hamper was cut in the shape of a boat. Decks were arranged with corals, shells, anchors. Goodies fit perfectly with the theme I added,” says Subi.

Each of the items is carefully handpicked. From crafting the items to setting, arranging, and packing, The Pink Chocolatier is solely run by Subi herself. The commonly found element in her hampers are flowers — a definite eye-catcher. Playing around with shades like white, pink and lavender Subi adds lilies and sweet pink roses to notch up the elegance of her creations.

Apart from hampers, she has also ventured into creating luxurious bridal trousseau with the finest of imported flowers and handmade decors. The youngster also does mini decor events. Her handcrafted two-tiered wooden Onam hamper was a hit among Malayalis. Packed with small lamps, several jars of payasams, plantain leaf, musical instruments and Onakodi (new clothes), Subi took the festive package to a new height.