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Lemeela Ramees started creating baby paraphernalia while she was pregnant. Now, it has grown into a venture for all young mothers

author_img Aathira Haridas Published :  18th November 2021 01:29 PM   |   Published :   |  18th November 2021 01:29 PM

From cradles to cloth diapers, Lemeela creates articles that are useful for mothers and babies.

KOCHI: Four years ago, when Lemeela Ramees was pregnant with her second baby Aazeen, all she did was create a range of baby paraphernalia. By the time the baby arrived, she had fashioned out cloth cradles festooned with tassels, blankets and diaper cloths. As she started her journey into motherhood, more products got added into the milieu. With that, her journey in mompreneurship began with Babybliss. 

For her, it is all about pampering babies and giving them the best articles to cuddle in and grow in. Comfort is the primary concern for Lemeela, who is making waves with her handcrafted innovative ‘baby wonders’. “During my pregnancy, I started making articles for my baby. And when people saw my works, requests started coming in. I had no intention of starting a venture but this is how it manifested,” says Lemeela, a native of Kozhikode. 

From cradles to cloth diapers, Lemeela creates articles that are useful for mothers and babies. Her swaddles are equipped with a velcro fastener and is cosy and secure for the baby. “The traditional method of wrapping babies will not always work and the wrap could easily open up. When my baby used to wake up from sleep at night, I wanted something that could hold him and help him sleep. And that’s how I crafted the swaddler,” recalls Lemeela. 

“When I feel the need of an article, I try making them,” she says. Her innovation also includes a wet and dry bag. They help sort the wet and dry articles in the bag especially while travelling. The wet bag can even be washed. Her feeding pillows and covers are finding a lot of takers. “It is not easy to feed a baby in public. With the feeding cover made of cotton, one only need to wear it over the head and it gives the privacy a mother and baby needs,” says Lemeela. Her range of goods includes baby dresses, sleeping bags, changing mats, party wears and so on. The high point is that one can get the baby products customised, starting from the colour to the material used. 

Lemeela uses cotton fabric for her products. “Only cotton is ideal for a baby. It is breathable and doesn’t cause rashes. So I only use good quality cotton fabric. And quality is of primary importance for me,” says Lemeela. The dream is to popularise the brand. “I do want to set up a shop. But my dream is that people will learn about the brand and connect with young mothers who will find the products useful. Everything is crafted with love, as I created all this for my baby. And it’s dedicated to the mother and baby,” says Lemeela.

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