Adrita Sarkar, founder and artist of Minimal Indian on working with various artisan clusters

Our exquisite home linens reflect the essence of artisanal make and our simplistic design language, she says
Adrita Sarkar
Adrita Sarkar

Pure, minimal, handmade and hand painted, these are four words that best capture the ethos of Minimal Indian. Adrita Sarkar, founder and artist, Minimal Indian, says, “I have always appreciated the beauty of old-world charm and a true believer of minimalistic living. The brand is conceptualised to celebrate these two philosophies, where I could blend the ideas of slow living and my passion for art, design, and traditional Indian crafts. These products are made for people who appreciate artisanal products and a simple design language.”

The brand has a range of ceramics that are first skillfully handmade by studio potters, one piece at a time. Every piece is wheel thrown and hand glazed. Then, Sarkar hand paints every piece herself. Which means each piece here is unique and as bespoke as it can get. “Mindfully crafted, every detail on our tableware is hand painted with fine brush strokes. The minimal yet complex nature of these motifs makes the painting process long, yet the details make it totally worth the time,” says Sarkar. All the ceramics and home linens are made in small batches, and they do not mass produce which automatically reduces the carbon footprint. The brand works with various artisan clusters across the country to translate their signature patterns into handmade blocks, screens, and hand embroideries. “Our exquisite home linens reflect the essence of artisanal make and our simplistic design language. Minimalist design composed of botanical motifs; geometric lines translated onto natural earthy tones,” says Sarkar.

All their packaging boxes are made from recyclable paper and the team reuses most of the packaging materials. “We do not discard or throw away our production seconds, instead we reuse them in the best possible way,” shares Sarkar. They also do a ‘Minimal Imperfection’ sale every year for the second pieces to find new homes. “We work with stoneware clay. The final glaze and painting underglaze we use are completely lead-free and food safe. We work with only natural cotton fabrics and there is no harmful chemical used in our fabric dyeing process. The future is all about mindful consumption. We continue to promote sustainability through our products. We plan to explore more artisanal clusters that align with our brand’s philosophy in future. We plan to expand our decor category, as we see the immense scope of mindful decor objects in the coming days,” concludes Sarkar. 

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