Five bath blunders to avoid this International Bath Day 2024

Five bath blunders to avoid this International Bath Day 2024

As relaxing as baths are, there are still a ton of ways we can get it wrong! Here are some bath blunders to avoid to make sure that your shower isn't out to get you!

It’s International Bath Day! And yes, it's an actual day. This day honours Archimedes' famous Eureka moment in Ancient Greece. Aside from its historical significance, this day offers an opportunity to reflect on our bathroom habits and their impact on environment.

While bathing is important for one’s hygiene and relaxation, many habits might have unexpected repercussions for our health. Here are five frequent bathing blunders you should avoid!

Mind the heat

The temperature of scalding hot waters strips the skin of natural oils and disrupts your natural barrier, leading to dryness and irritation. It can also cause blood vessels to dilate, potentially resulting in frequent dizziness or fainting.

Haircare havoc

Paradoxically washing your hair every day will not give you the fresh look you want. Instead, it leads to the overproduction of sebum making your hair look greasy and oily.

Lather logic

Being gentle with your skin is the key! Harsh soaps and abrasive scrubs can disrupt your skin’s pH balance and damage your skin’s protective barrier. Instead, opt for a mild and pH-balanced cleanser!

Sharing is not always caring

As obvious as it is, avoid sharing towels or loofahs. These items can spread bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, increasing the risk of skin infections.

Germ jamboree

Don't forget your shower head and curtain need love too! These bath buddies can get super grimy. Give them a regular clean to avoid showering in your mini-science experiment!

Celebrate this International Bath Day by avoiding these common mistakes and ensuring that our bathing routines contribute positively to our overall health.

(Written by Jaanhvi Nagpal)

Five bath blunders to avoid this International Bath Day 2024
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