Experience the goodness of teppanyaki icecream rolls at Rollsberg, a new dessert outlet at Lulu Mall

Savour authentic East Asian flavours at Rollsberg, a new dessert outlet at Lulu Mall, Kochi

Arya P Dinesh Published :  07th April 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  07th April 2017 06:00 AM


While most Kochiites still prefer Arabian grills as a main course option, their dessert choices have evolved. From Italian gelato (at Milano) and water chestnut ice cream (at Papaya Café) to Taiwanese bubble tea (at Teamo Club) and matcha cream (at Asian Kitchen), there are myriad global dessert options available.However, Nithin Varghese’s two-month-old, Thailand-inspired creamery, Rollsberg prides itself on innovation. “During my market research, Kerala’s dessert options appeared to have more scope for 
experimentation,” begins the Kottayam-based MBA graduate, as he welcomes us with a tall glass of sweet blueberry flavoured boba tea with chewy tapioca pearls in it.

Nippon inspired
Having designed the menu himself with the help of YouTube videos at first, followed by hands-on practice at cafes in Delhi, Nitin’s dessert corner currently serves over nine variants of ice cream rolls along with six flavours of bubble teas. If you’re adventurous enough to try gulab jamun and jalebi infused the teppanyaki way into a dollop of vanilla ice cream—this is the place to go. Since I’m still recovering from my boba-induced sugar high, my second order at the eatery is a sour serving of strawberry ice cream roll topped with kiwi, grapes, mango and strawberries. To my surprise, it turns out to be a delightful diversion from the all too familiar falooda. “When it comes to teppanyaki ice creams, there’s no limit to experimentation as one can even make a chilli-flavoured dessert.We’re working on such possibilities   at   the moment,” says Nithin, signing off.

Rolls from Rs 110 onwards 
Details: 8304822120