Chicken tandoori lasagna and khakras with hummus?   

author_img Poorani Balendra Published :  29th December 2017 05:21 PM   |   Published :   |  29th December 2017 05:21 PM



This holiday season, you can taste a slice of Europe on your plate. At Barbeque Nation’s ‘Euro trip’ festival, they’ve taken popular flavours from the continent and paired them with familiar ingredients. And the result — a carnival. 

For the food festival, they’ve added about 20 new dishes but they’ve retained most of their original menu. Old favourites like their phirni  find a place.


Mama Mia Lasagna


We start off with crispy khakras and red pepper hummus, drizzled with olive oil and topped with parsley. The salty olives open up our taste buds as the staff place the hot coals for the barbeque station on our table. Then mushrooms and paneer on skewers are placed on the grill. 

The smell of pesto fills the air. The jalapeno and cheese-stuffed mushrooms covered with the green sauce are warm and juicy. As the paneer chars, we pop a  few on our plate —cubes of cottage cheese marinated in mango puree and mint leaves. We catch sweet, sour and spicy notes — all at once. 

Chef Ashish Rai, one of the people behind the festival, says that although they wanted to showcase European cuisine, they made sure it was palatable for regulars. 


Chocogranate Swiss Roll


Similarly, the Rosemary chicken is full of the Mediterranean herb’s flavours, but it also packs a punch. “We’ve added a few Indian spices and increased the heat,” adds Ashish. Pair this with one of their spicy walnut dips and it reminds us of a classic roast chicken. And the ‘burnt-garlic vegetable’ platter is inspired by the flavours from Italy and Spain. Of the mildly spiced dishes, the lemon dill  fish, is our favourite; smothered in an aromatic dill paste, the fish melts in your mouth. 

Another  dish with an Indian twist, the Chicken tandoori lasagna, takes the cake. Meanwhile the desserts that arrive stay true to the classics. Their Praline gateau, with layers of light butter cream and crunchy bits of caramel, is blissful. Then comes a slice of a beautiful blueberry pie. With its criss-cross crust, it is picture-perfect and looks right  out of an old English cookbook. Jolly good, we say! 

On till January 7,  for lunch and dinner. Buffet style Rs 800 (veg), Rs 900 (non-veg)