New restro-bar #788 Avenue boasts of world cuisine and classy interiors

Paulami Sen Published :  29th December 2017 04:30 PM   |   Published :   |  29th December 2017 04:30 PM

#788 Avenue at night


A hint of Victorian décor with world cuisine on your table, if that’s something you fancy, then
#788 Avenue in Jubilee Hills could be worth a try. The restro-bar, named after the plot of the place, conceptualised by co-founders – Rajarjun Reddy Gummi, Rahul Reddy and Rohit Reddy, is an attempt to offer the best of several worlds inspired by their travels. “Rohit and I studied in London and since we have been travelling together, we knew we wanted to open up an outlet like this in Hyderabad,” he adds.


Vintage and beyond
As you step into the walkway of the #Cafe, you can catch a glimpse of books hanging from the ceiling. “These are books from all walks of life and most people can relate to them – be it management, computer science or literature,” says Rajarjun, laughing as we spot a book of Ghost Stories and another on Java and C++ in the same row. The faux vintage fireplace takes you by surprise, but nevertheless adds to the British feel. “We wanted this to be a chilled out co-working place where you can sit down, have a cup of coffee and a sandwich.” The mellow yellow lights, the wooden furniture, the shelf full of old magazines and even the fireplace reflect this thought.

A quiet corner in the bar

Brunch it out
We walk through their fine dining indoor-restaurant, #Broadway and the lavish bar, #Mayfair and find ourselves a place in the alfresco area. The cuisine echoes the ethos of the place and offers fusion food. There is Pan Asian, bits of Indian Tandoor, European and Thai. To shake up the order a bit, we begin with the drinks. A blue cocktail titled King & Queen arrives first. The blend of vodka, rum, grenadine and Blue Curacao, topped with a soft drink, could be a refreshing treat for a weekend brunch. Next up was Mayfair – a mix of Baileys, banana and fresh cream, for those who don’t mind their drink a tad too sweet.

Shole Murgh Tikka

Bits and bites
The first dish brought to the table is Prawn Salt and Pepper – a short eat comprising prawn tossed with scallions, salt and pepper seasoning. This seafood starter is an apt bet to go with your drink. Soon enough, Q Berry makes way to our table. Those who like their drink with less sugar quotient can go for this one. The concoction with vodka, strawberries, cucumber and sour mix topped with Red Bull has a citrusy taste and is rather exhilarating, especially when paired with a starter from their tandoor section. We sipped on it while waiting for our Shole Murgh Tikka to arrive.

Mayfair, a mix of Baileys, banana and fresh cream


If you aren’t a fan of seafood, this boneless chicken preparation marinated with almond yogurt could be something you could try. From the entrée section, we attempted the Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Breast. The chicken breast (with a stuffing of ricotta, spinach and chicken sausage), mashed potato  with tomato cream sauce could make a full meal in itself, so you might want to avoid it if you are feeling slightly full after the starters. All in all, #788 Avenue, is a place where the ambiance makes a mark.

Rs 1,900 for two with alcohol