Siesta Hitech brings together tastes of North and South royalty

The ongoing food festival in Qube Cafe has an array of dishes from Kebabs to Parathas. 

author_img Saima Afreen Published :  21st July 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  21st July 2017 06:00 AM

How does it feel when you get to savour Mughlai, Nizami and Nawabi food at one place? While the three have similarities, they share differences in terms of names and usage of ingredients. The ongoing ‘Kebab, Kurries and Paratha Festival’ at Qube Café, Siesta Hitech Hotel brings the three royal tastes together. Expect a melange of delicacies from the northern and southern part of the country, along with dishes from Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

The bread basket

The kebab platter is varied with Gilauti Kebab, Patthar Ka Gosht, Tangdi Kebab, Sarson Ki Macchi and even Maans Ke Soole. We tried Murgh Lahsuni Kebab and despite the chunks being a bit too soft, the spices were rightly added without the pungency of garlic that usually takes over the meat. We also tried Rajma Gilauti which came as a surprise, as usually the ingredients used are mushrooms and colocasia or yam. Chef Prabhakar informs, “It is difficult to prepare this Awadhi dish as they are too delicate and tend to break as we shallow fry them. Rajma is a bit firmer and easy to handle that’s why I decided to use the same.” ​​Murgh Dhania Shorba was quite comforting in the rain-soaked evening. The ginger juliennes with chicken shreds gave a warm taste when crushed between the teeth. The finely chopped coriander leaves added freshness to the soup making me want an extra helping which I gladly got.

We tried Nawabi Gosht Qorma and Murgh Qutub Shahi with garlic naan and Mughlai Paratha. The chicken pieces in both the dishes were succulent, while the gravy was light with a hint of roasted Shepherd’s Purse. The taste lingered because of the condiment. They have the traditional Awadhi Mutton Rezala as well, which is slow-cooked in juices of onion, garlic, ginger and green chillies with a bouquet-garni of choicest spices. It’s best relished with Lachha Paratha. We rounded off the dinner with Mango Firni and Dudh Gulla

The food festival is on till July 23. Priced at `549++. 
From 7.30 pm onwards. 
Details: 42420000

Pics: R Sathish Babu