This dessert place in Chennai goes beyond the usual ice-creams

Look out for smoked liquid nitrogen, ice-cream rolls and mugshakes at The Scoop Bar

Karan Pillai Published :  02nd June 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  02nd June 2017 06:00 AM

At The Scoop Bar (Pictures: Romani Agarwal)

It might be called The Scoop Bar, but what this brand new 15-seater spot in Kilpauk offers is much more than just ice-cream. There are items frozen with liquid nitrogen, ice-cream rolls, mug shakes and ofcourse, cold stone ice creams. 



When restaurant manager Kadir told us that they are also planning to introduce crepes, eggless American waffles, besides other dishes, we were immediately curious. Not a bad set of additions, considering that the interiors comprising of fun visuals and graphics give out an informal vibe that is perfect for small groups. Add to that an impressively-sized LED TV (we watched some Vidya Vox songs on it), and you are set for a fun evening of desserts and chit-chat. 



Launched last week, The Scoop Bar is managed by four people, including Mahesh Rajasekhar, who is the franchise manager of the KC Das outlet sitting right next to this place. The first day attracted around 300 people, and we could see why. With items like Cookie Monster, with ample chunks of Oreo, and a rosy gulkhand ice cream, choices are aplenty here. 


There are also experimental combinations like chilli basil that will surely add a spicy edge to your repast; while the strawberry cheese cake roll turned up the sweet meter significantly. “We mould the cheese cakes into vanilla rolls and lace it with strawberry sauce and serve it with wafer sticks,” explains Kadir. But my vote goes, not for an ice-cream. Instead, it’s a drink which impresses most — a salted caramel mugshake that looks loaded on the outside with whipped cream on the top and sprinkles on the rim. But hidden inside is a surprisingly light milkshake that satisfies your summer cravings.

Prices from Rs. 55 onwards. Details: 48639949