Chama Gaucha’s new menu is a discovery of South American cuisine

The all new Hyderabad-based Brazilian restaurant brings a twist with Middle-Eastern delicacies 

Paulami Sen Published :  30th June 2017 04:46 PM   |   Published :   |  30th June 2017 04:46 PM

A medley of Brazilian and Lebanese cuisine can be a rather odd combination. However, the revamped menu at the six-month-old Chama Gaucha makes it work with some scrumptious dishes on offer. As we stepped into the al fresco outlet on a rain-soaked Friday evening, the live music, the serene view by the poolside and the dim lights set the mood instantly. The Churrascaria grill in the open kitchen from where you can see meat being cooked on sword-like skewers was a welcome sign for what was in store.

Breaking bread
A quick reading will tell you that grilled meat in aromatic marinades, a generous amount of fresh and colourful vegetables and dollops of cheese, from Mascarpone to Mozzarella, are the staples in Portuguese cuisine. “We spoke to our patrons and changed the menu to include more delicacies from Brazil,” says sous chef, Sunil Sunkavalli who curated the menu.  Our South American and Middle Eastern food trail began with an assorted bread basket. The servings of yummy in-house condiments, peri peri and herb butter, went well with the bread. The traditional round bread from the region, Pão de Queijo, a popular snack made of parmesan cheese was crisp and we just couldn’t stop at one, or even two. Soon after, the Mezze platter served with Pita bread branded with the restaurant name Chama Gaucha was served with hummus, labneh and motabel. 

Cheers to churrasco
The appetisers were served one after another, in quick succession. The Coxinha de Frango (herb spiced chicken fritters, served with roasted garlic chipotle mayo) recommended by the chef was lip-smacking. The meat was succulent. “Everyone should try this appetiser on their first visit to the restaurant,” said the sous chef. However, the Fried Camaroes (crispy panko prawns) that was brought to the table next was a pure winner. Golden brown in colour, straight from the Churrascaria grill, served with Orange Aioli sauce had us asking for more. The team picks its ingredients in a way that they can stay true to the original style of cooking. “We choose our chillies carefully as they can make or break these dishes. Also, we make sure to use only crystal sea salt,” says Chef Sunil. 

Sip and bite
We transitioned from the appetisers to the entrées with the fresh Special House Salad. The crunchy and wholesome dish was enriched with fruits, pine nuts and melon seeds served with a berry reduction. Next up, we tried the Chef’s Special XXX Burger with a filling of roast chicken. The Brazilian Style Bean and Rice served towards the end could pass off as a hearty meal in itself. The rice dish was served with two pieces of Coxa De Frango (hand rubbed chicken marinated with rock salt). The aroma of paprika and thyme surely made us forget about the world outside. Also, if you prefer a drink or two while dining, try the Suffering Bachelor, (a concoction of vodka, gin, and white rum) or the fruity Mai Tai on their drinks menu. 

Price: Rs. 2,200 ++ 
Details: 67696769