Kammanahalli gets a new Japanese diner 

Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo Published :  30th June 2017 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  30th June 2017 12:00 AM

FREQUENT visitors  to Kammanahalli will be well aware that the neighbourhood, nicknamed, ‘Kam-Manhattan’, is a cosmopolitan hub with restaurants that serve up a mix of exotic cuisines, ranging from Jamaican, Brazilian and Mexican to Korean. However, the food map of the area up until a few weeks ago, had a gaping Japanese-shaped hole. Kitchen On Table attempts to fill the gap with a teppanyaki format offering favourites from the cuisine. 

The space is cheerful and bright with faux sakura, scarlet walls and bamboo light fixtures. Diners can also sit at a table without the teppanyaki option if they wish, but we decided to give it a try. Chef June, from the Philippines, comes with experience from another Japanese restaurant at the heart of town so we were rest assured we were in good hands. As he prepped the table for us, we asked for the Dragon maki — crumb-fried prawns in sushi rice, finished off with tobiko or Flying fish roe, and tempura crumbs. The accompanying wasabi was mild but the dish hit the spot. 

A good grilling
The Chicken Yaki Tori from their barbecue section features grilled chicken in a teriyaki sauce with the tangy, sweet and salty notes all perfectly balanced. For a hit of spice, pair your starter with the homemade red chilli sauce, a secret recipe from Chef June’s compilation collected over the years, we’re told. Next on our plates was the Prawns in Oyster Sauce. The prawns were fresh and the sauce complemented the protein quite well. We had no trouble finishing the dish and proceeded to scoop up the remaining sauce with our spoons. Made on the table, the Japanese egg fried rice was subtly seasoned and is flavoured with an organic seasoning instead of MSG. Made with Japanese sticky rice, the dish was comfort food at its best.  

For something crunchy, ask for the Ebi tempura, prawns deep-fried with a coating of tempura batter. The coating was fried to crisp perfection and the prawns were succulent and well cooked. The restaurant also offers a range of nigiri and sashimi, apart from mocktails and desserts (such as Chocolate volcano). Overall, the place is a fun and informal space, perfect for family dinners or even catching up with friends.

Rs.1,000++ for two. At Kalyan Nagar. Details: 8884493003