One Night In Bangkok is now Siam Trading Co and offers an authentic Thai spread

Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo Published :  17th March 2017 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  17th March 2017 12:00 AM

To say that Siam Trading Co’s menu is a true representation of Thai cuisine would be an under-statement. Earlier called One Night In Bangkok, the pub has now been renamed and its menu, which focused on Bangkok’s culinary repertoire, has been fully overhauled to include dishes from the country’s Northern, Southern and Central provinces. The old menu though is still operational on weekends to cater to their regular clientele who have come to love the place for its drinks and finger food. The place has also been extended to include a sunlit area, making it more spacious.

The kitchen which is headed by owner, Thashvin Muckatira, offers authentic fare, introduced by their previous chef from Thailand, who has now moved back to his home country. While we’re not normally fans of soup, we were quite impressed with the ones on the menu here. The Beef and rambutan soup is a clear soup of beef slivers and sliced rambutan, spiced with an aromatic Thai herb paste, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We also highly recommend the Mushroom and young coconut soup — a scrumptious mix of sweet and spicy notes. The vegetarian dish is made with tender coconut pulp, bird’s eye chilli, coconut water, vegetable broth and shiitake mushroom. 

Those who love a bit of adventure on their plate must sample the Fried sour beef, which is beef slices fermented in cooked rice. The fermented beef is fried until crisp and tossed in garlic, galangal and dried red chillies, giving it a simple and clean but delicious flavour. Grilled pork with spicy lime sauce is another hit. It features barbecued slices of pork neck meat, drizzled with a spicy and sour sauce. 

Chicken and vegetable curry is a typical northern Thai dish that is made without coconut milk. High on flavour and aroma, it brings together pok choy, babycorn, bamboo shoot and chicken in a fermented shrimp paste-based sauce. Our personal favourite is the Dry noodles with pork and prawns. Cooked noodles tossed in pork fat and diced red chillies, and served in a bowl that includes stir-fried shiitake mushrooms, pok choy, sliced pork neck, pork belly and prawns, this one is a meal in itself. From the cocktail menu, we pick the Wasabi Mary (tequila, wasabi cordial, black pepper and salt). 
Every dish we sampled did not disappoint and we’re confident that the new menu is poised to be a hit with their old and new patrons.

Rs1,500 ++ for two. At 12th Main, Indiranagar. Details: 9972148287