Hyderabadis might want to check out Dr Ice Cream 

With servers in doctor’s coats, Dr Ice Cream hopes to cure kids of their fear of syringes 

author_img Oishani Mojumder Published :  12th May 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  12th May 2017 06:00 AM


Going by the name and the present clime, the themed ice cream parlour in the heart of Jubilee Hills, could very well be just what the doctor has ordered. Dr Ice Cream is a hospital-themed ice cream parlour in the heart of Jubilee Hills and since its launch in last December, this parlor has garnered quite the reputation. Hyderabad-based food entrepreneurs, Trinath and Rupesh Kumar Endla, came up with this concept. “Children are scared of hospitals, clinics, and doctors. This place is an attempt to help them become more comfortable with syringes and injections,”explains Gnanendra Maddipatta, the manager.

Scoops and stethoscopes
The parlour is complete with servers in doctor’s coats and stethoscopes, IV Drip Hangers, clinical tables and wheelchairs. They have a stock of fun photo props of thermometers and injections to indulge in a quick photo shoot for yourself. The menu has been articulated keeping the theme in mind.You are offered a list of sundaes from a ‘prescription’ and scoops of single-flavored ice creams from a list of ‘medicines’. First up, we tried the flavours based on ‘essence’, like lavender and rose petal. The lavender-flavoured ice cream is a breath of fresh air with its perfect combination of floral essence and fruity taste. Their range of fresh-fruit ice creams, especially orange crush and guava, proved to be quite a delight. Their signature ice cream in biryani flavour is certainly a novel concept and might appeal to those who love their biryani in any form and temperature. 

Tale of toppings
The concept of pricing is as unique as the presentation. They are priced at 80 paise per gram, with one scoop being equivalent to 100 grams. The menu also boasts of a premium range of ice creams with flavours like Raj Bhog, which is priced at `1.65 a gram. Every ice cream, be it a sundae or single scoop, is served with syringes filled with either salted caramel or chocolate syrup. One can also choose from a variety of toppings like white and dark chocolate chips, nuts, gems, and nutties. They have dedicated an entire section to interesting syrups like jaggery, maple, blueberry, strawberry and cherry. While they do not have any sugar-free or diabetic friendly ice creams – for indulging your sweet tooth with something cold, self-prescribing at 
Dr Ice Cream is worth a try. 
Price for two: Rs 300 ++
Details: 9963910777