This pulp is not fiction

From mango samosas to a Mexican quesadilla, here's a round up of the most novel mango creations in Chennai this summer

author_img Sonali Shenoy and A Harini Prasad Published :  19th May 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  19th May 2017 06:00 AM


If you’re the King of Wishful Thinking  around this season and prefer mango cheeks  to  the run-of-the mill baker’s code, this line-up will make you want to  dance. Well, not while eating. That wouldn’t be advisable. There’s a kadhi made of alphonsoes, a chilli shake and even a Mexican-inspired quesadilla. Feeling golden yet?


Parsi Paradiso

Please your palate with a menu offering mango-inspired Parsi dishes including Chilli mango shakes and ice creams. Or dig into pakki keri nu gosht, an ancient Parsi recipe of mutton cooked with alphonso mangoes, while keri na rus ni kadhi is a flavoured broth of mango juice and curd thickened with gram flour and a tempering of spices. Available at Batlivala & KhanaBhoy between Tuesday and Sunday, till May 31. From 12 pm onwards Details: 9597200967



Yellow brick road

Sample a marriage of jackfruit and mango in a gorgeous semolina cake. Topped with a teaser of what to expect on the inside, we love that this dense baked offering arrives with a giant chocolate disc around it. For a more desi craving, get a taste of the mango sondhesh topped with fine freckles of pistachio. At
La Patisserie, Taj Coromandel. Prices: Rs 220 per piece of cake and Rs 220 for three pieces of sondhesh. May 22 onwards. Details: 66002827




Mexico bound

If you’re feeling some Mexican vibes this summer, try this  Mango Quesadilla with mascarpone cheese and a dash of brown sugar. It’s unexpected and completely takes us by surprise on first bite. For a more straight-up dessert, there’s an Alphonso-inspired kulfi enclosed in a mango shell. At The Park. Orders on request. Price: Rs 275 and Rs375 for a trio of mango desserts that include a gelée, a tart and kulfi. Details: 4267600




Thathachariar sorbet?
We’ve all had a mango sorbet. But have you ever tried one made of Imam Pasands from the legendary Thathachariar gardens near Salem? The family-run farm that goes all the way back to 1945 is a prized hot bed of some of the most flavourful produce in the country. And the sorbet that arrives with a topping of raspberry granita for some tart contrast to that fresh whiff of sweetness, is light, refreshing and perfect respite from humid afternoons. At Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream & Sorbet. Rs 220 for a scoop. Details: 42323482 



Samosa soliloquy 
Enjoy crunchy mango samosas, made of ripe mango pulp and khova, served with red mitha chutney in a special à la carte menu at The Residency. The collection also includes cold mango salads, mango cheesecake, spicy mango chicken wings and spring rolls, cooked with handpicked Baganapalli mangoes. Till the June 15. At the Residency. From 11 am onwards. Details: 42121122