District 6’s kebab fest offers an experimental assortment

Dine here to taste the best mutton chops in town

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  26th May 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  26th May 2017 06:00 AM

Assorted Kebabs at District 6

Summer may not be the best season to feast on a heavy kebab platter, but there’s nothing wrong in breaking the norm. With District 6 Pub Brewery & Kitchen going all out with their Kebab Festival, we were tempted to sample the elaborate assortment, which boasts  options such as Murg charga, Rosemary malai kebab, Kache aam ka murg and more.
Herb infusion
We started our meal with Lasooni murg kebab and the Murg charga (chicken with Thai herbs). Though the name says lasooni, the garlicky notes were well under control, so no complaints on this one. The Murg charga doesn’t go overboard with the Thai herbs either, but the spiciness does make you reach for a glass of water.
Next in line was the Kachche aam ka murg. Since it is mango season, the chef has included the fruit in the menu. The mango-flavoured chicken kebab is paired with mango chutney. Tangy with a subtle fruity flavour, this one’s for those who like to experiment. 
The next two offerings left us wanting more. The Murg champ (thigh leg) and Palak ka khazana are must-trys. The champ was succulent and just right. On the other hand, the Palak ka khazana, patties made with palak paste and potato, shallow fried in ghee will give the galouti kebab a run for its money. 
Among other vegetarian options, we tried the Tandoori Faldhari chaat and Jamindari aloo. The chaat includes pear, apple and pineapple with a twist. The barbecued fruits, bell peppers and tangy marinade work well together. Jamindari aloo — made with pickled baby potatoes is testament to how Indian pickle can turn a simple tuber into a delectable starter. Another finger-licking option for vegetarians is the Cheese kurkure — essentially a cheese spring roll, it’s served in shot glasses with sweet chilli chutney. The cheesy filling with cabbage, green chillies and khova melts in your mouth.
Into the sea
Puffed rice jhinga (prawns), Rosemary malai kebab and Mutton chops were served next. Nothing much to say about the prawns, except that they were well-marinated and cooked to perfection. The cashew-flavoured malai kebab is balanced with a hint of rosemary. But the star of the show was the Mutton chops. District 6 gets it perfectly right with the soft, tender chops falling off the bone. These are marinated for over 12 hours, we are told. The flavours from the marinade (Indian spices, red chillies and hung curd) is quite pronounced and worth every bite!

Rs 1,800++. Till May 31. At Dr Rajkumar Road. Details: 61766666