Noodle run

Malaysia-based chef Norzamri Bin Zainal aka chef Zam who was in the city recently teaches us how to prep the perfect veggie Khao Suey

Sonali Shenoy Published :  26th May 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  26th May 2017 06:00 AM

Chef Norzamri Bin Zainal aka chef Zam is all about a good challenge. The culinary expert from Malaysia — who has spent the past 20 years in the hospitality business across Malaysia, Brunei, Dubai, Oman and Vietnam — happens to be the man behind the flavours of the recently opened Asian canteen Vah Pho on Cathedral Road.  Eager to get a taste of South Indian curries and our much loved biryani during a trip to Chennai, Chef Zam gives back a little love with a recipe of traditional Burmese Khao suey. Staying from the conventional fish noodle soup recipe, this a vegetarian option to promises to be so delicious — you probably won’t miss the meat.


Khao Suey - Veg

Flat rice noodles 50 gms | Broccoli 20 gms | Carrots 20 gms | Snow peas  20 gms | Babycorn 20 gms | Zucchini    20 gms  | Onion 20 gms  | Assorted peppers 20 gms  | Coconut milk 300 ml | Salt to taste |
Palm sugar to taste    

For the paste                 

Dry red chillies (3)  | Fresh green chillies (1) | Ginger 10 gms | Lemon grass (1) stalk | Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp


Coriander leaves few | Kaffir lime leaves few | Basil leaves (few) | Crispy fried soft noodles 50 - 100 gms    

 Roasted peanuts 20 gms | Golden brown onions 20 gms| Chilli paste 20 gms | Lemon wedges (2 - 4) |  Sliced red chillies (few) | Fried garlic  20 gms  

Method of preparation
■ Boil the flat noodles and set in on a serving platter.

■ Crispy fry the noodles and keep it aside.    

■ Blend all the ingredients together for the paste.

■ Heat oil and saute the blended paste.    

■ Cook until the oil oozes out from the paste.    

■ Add the vegetables and cook. Add a little 
   stock water to cook the vegetables.    

■ Season the sauce with salt and palm sugar and flavour the sauce with basil leaves and kaffir lime leaves.

■ Pour the coconut milk and cook.        

■ Now the pour the cooked sauce over the flat rice. 
    noodles and top it with crispy noodles.

■ Garnish it with coriander leaves.                

■ Serve hot with condiments on the side.