Coffee lovers ahoy! The Roastery Coffee House is a must visit

The third wave of coffee is here : right from the farms to your mug, Nishant and Neha of The Roastery Coffee House, are here to see that you get your  freshest brew

Paulami Sen Published :  27th October 2017 04:57 PM   |   Published :   |  27th October 2017 04:57 PM

Best of brews

IT wouldn’t be too far off the mark to say that  The Roastery Coffee House, has brought in a spot of cheer to the lives of coffee drinkers. And when you meet the founders of The Roastery Coffee House, Nishant Sinha and Neha Srivastava, you understand why. “Coffee is his first love,” says Neha while talking about her fiancé, Nishant.The duo travelled to Puducherry and  Chikmagalur to understand the art of getting their artisan brews just right. As we sit down for a chat with Nishant, while sipping our Pour Over Coffee, he says,“We source our coffee directly from the farms in Chikmagalur and then roast and serve it at the café.”

The Roastery Coffee House

The coffee enthusiast also swears by shade-grown Indian coffee which he says is much better than most beans grown abroad.“The third wave of coffee has arrived in the city,” shares the 32-year-old highlighting that gourmet coffee is catching up with Roastery loyalists. Great care is taken to ensure all brewing techniques are adhered to. For instance, Cold Brew, which is a favourite with regulars, is brewed for 14 hours, Pour Over for three minutes and Espresso for 30 seconds. A shout out to gourmet coffee lovers! Nishant and Neha are planning to install a roasting machine so one can expect workshops and live roasting soon.

Nishant Sinha and Neha Srivastava

In fact, their passion for providing customers with an authentic ‘coffee experience’ is well-established when you realise that they have started growing coffee plants in the cafe itself!  Apart from the coffee,this villa-turned café has our attention with their artsy decor – handcrafted coffee mugs, shelves stocked with good reads add to the charm. But that’s not all.  “We also want to open a book reading room and art studio soon,” says Neha as she signs off.