Chai Galli serves variations of bun maska, Gujarati snacks and other tea-time bites

This cafe is a must-visit for a tea break

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  15th September 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  15th September 2017 06:00 AM

Rajasthani Chai is a must-try

There’s a new Bollywood-themed cafe in town that promises to give you a picture-perfect chai break. With posters of retro films on the walls, corrugated sheets as the ceiling decor and old-school Godrej and S-type wire chairs for seating, Chai Galli gives out a feel-at-home casual vibe. 

There’s a lot on offer when it comes to the Indian chai — from Cutting Chai, Adrak Chai, Bangalorewaali Chai and Mumbaiwaali Chai to Herbal, Green and Black Teas, there’s a wide assortment to choose from. We opted for the Rajasthani Chai — cardamom chai flavoured with saffron. A pot for two is more than sufficient and serves up to three glasses. A saffron syrup is poured into the glasses as the base and this is topped with piping hot cardamom tea. The blend works like magic. Perfect for those who like the dominant flavour of cardamom, the hint of saffron makes it all the more flavourful. We paired our tea with Bhujia Maska Bun — bhujia (sev) sandwiched with the classic bun maska (bun butter). Though the fluffy bun and the crisp bhujia seemed like a good combo, the bhujia when mixed with the butter was a bit too salty. 

Eating local

We tried the Namkeen Shots next from the Puchka Shots and Pakode section. This one is a must-try if you are a puchka lover. The Namkeen Shots is basically puchka filled with khara boondi, tamarind sauce, yoghurt and topped with sev. The tangy sauce with the yoghurt and chat masala combination is delicious. 

From their Gujarati offerings, we tried the Khamani — which was served on a base of buttered khakra. The soft and velvety crushed chana dal stir fried with chillies, ginger, spices and topped with sev and pome-granate was more like comfort food. From the vada pav section, the Chai Galli Special Vada Pav is our pick. 

The gigantic vada pav is served with nachos, green mint chutney, yoghurt, garlic chutney and salted chillies. It’s the generous layer of cheese in the vada pav that makes it truly special. The yoghurt on the side cuts down the spice of the vada and the garlic chutney. What we tried next was the best of all. The Tadke Wali Maggi was the highlight of the evening. Topped with caramelised onions and lightly sauteed tomatoes, it was not that extraordinary, but the hint of zeera with the onions made it totally appetising. There are other options such as pasta and pizza, but we suggest you stick to the basics — chai with vada pav or Maggi. Chai Galli with its innovative take on regular dishes makes chai breaks a lot more special.

Rs 450 for two. At 5th Block, Koramangala. Details: 9108422723