Shakes and hammocks, what's not to love about this new cafe?

Pineapple meets popcorn & pani puri dipped in chocolate.  Blind Ch3mistry has our curiosity piqued!  

author_img Poorani Balendra Published :  27th April 2018 05:21 PM   |   Published :   |  27th April 2018 05:21 PM

Interiors at Blind Ch3mistry


We’re sitting in hammocks in Besant Nagar and sipping a cold drink on a breezy summer evening. The newly opened Blind Ch3mistry is full of surprises: it has swings, hammocks, a milkshake which has been trademarked and drinks with unusual flavour combinations. 

The café was started about a month ago by a group of friends: K R Siddharth (25), Aswin Kumar (23) and Surya (23). “We wanted our menu, our store to be unique... to excite people,” says Siddharth. The space looks like a chemistry lab on a beach. Conical flasks grace the tables, while bean bags, bright orange lights and graffiti make up the rest of the décor. They also have a lounge, with about 15 seats and a projector, which requires a prior reservation. 

Watermelon coffee shots

The guessing game
Straightaway, we are served their Blind Series milkshake. The milkshake has a combination of flavours that will change once in a fortnight. And if you can guess the flavours right, you get the drink for free! Every Friday, the café will reveal a new combination. 


Corn cheese balls

Fruity fun
This time, the shake is pink, addictive, and there are sediments at the bottom of the flask. “Red Velvet!” we guess. “It’s not that easy,” comes the reply. Siddharth says that they import extracts of fruits that are not found in India. He is careful not to name any fruit. “If I tell you one name, it will be easy to copy. That’s why I got it trademarked and in a week, we will also file for a patent.”

As we try to figure out the flavours, we get to taste other items in their menu. We notice one of their staff shaking a cocktail mixer; he pours the drink into a glass. It’s a watermelon coffee shot. We get the kick of coffee first, and slowly the flavours of the fruit take prominence. Other drink combinations include: pineapple and popcorn, chocolate and watermelon. Siddharth reiterates, “We want people to taste something that they’ve never had before.” But isn’t that risky business? “We ask at least 40 of our friends to review a drink before introducing it,” he says, seeming to have thought of everything.

We sample their Spicy Chicken Pasta, which comes with a generous portion size, next. With slices of succulent chicken and the cheesy spicy sauce, this is one of the best pastas we’ve tasted. “We import our cheeses directly from the manufacturer in a European country,” says Siddharth, who is a marketing professional. Now we understand why a plate of pasta is priced at Rs 400.

Chaat + chocolate
While we have still not got hold of the flavours in the blind series, they serve another unusual treat: Dessert Chaat. Pani puris dipped in sticky chocolate sauce and stuffed with ice cream. As we get ready to leave, we take our last shots at cracking the Blind Series. “Rose?” “No, you have to wait,” smiles a server. We take a final sip before we leave, mouths full of flavours and minds full of curiosity.

Price for two Rs 600.