From Pattukkottai to Chennai, this restaurant will make you skip your breakfast

So much food, so little time. You may want to skip breakfast before you hit Pattukkottai Kamatchi Mess 

Nishad Neelambaran Published :  02nd February 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  02nd February 2018 06:00 AM

Have you ever found yourself in a restaurant trying really hard to finish what has been served to you on your table? This is exactly what you must expect when you step into the New Pattukkottai Kamatchi Mess. Pattukkottai, being located near Thanjavur or Tanjore, is known for authentic Tanjore artwork. Bringing the culture from their native to Chennai, you are welcomed by a huge Tanjore painting of a royal horse. Though it is painted in white, each wall is decorated with Tanjore dolls that are for sale. The general ambience with flowers and the smell of the incense sticks gives you the feel of the authenticity of Pattukkottai tradition. Located at Pondy Bazar, this restaurant is spread across 1,200 sq ft across two floors, each of which can host more than 35 people at a time.

Pasava biryani

Pattukkottai to Chennai
To keep the flavours authentic, everything is sourced from Pattukkottai. “Everything apart from the meat comes from Pattukkottai. The spices, oil, rice and dried fish that we use for the thokku are all sourced from our hometown,” says Sudhakar. When asked about his background, the 29-year-old says, “I was born and raised in Pattukkottai and I started my first restaurant in Kumbakonam in 2013. Then my partner, K Selvaraj, asked me to come to Chennai and open this outlet.”

G Sudhakar

Everything traditional
The food here is served on a banana leaf and has more than nine items per meal. G Sudhakar, who is the owner and also the head chef here, says, “More than comfort and luxury, we wanted to focus on the whole experience. Hence, the food we serve is prepared just after we receive an order. The best part about our kitchen is that we stick to our tradition and use wood fire to cook. I make these dishes with the help of my mother, who has been cooking them for the last 35 years.” You can choose from chicken, mutton, quail and fish meals. Each one of these meals comprises of aloo fry, cabbage poriyal, rice, four side dishes such as Pepper Chicken, Mutton Sukka, Thalakari, Naatu Kozhi and payasam. Pointing out a few signature dishes in the menu, Sudhakar says, “Everything on the menu is from Pattukkottai. However, a few must-try dishes are Prawns Thokku, Quail curry, Mutton biryani and our Fried Fish.” A few other dishes that you can try are Mutton Liver, Mutton Kola and Karandi Omelette. Though it boasts of using homemade masalas like the coriander, chilli and pepper powder, the food is not very spicy and might be a disappointment for someone who enjoys spice. Also, the restaurant does not have anything for vegetarians. “We are purely non-vegetarian,” says Sudhakar.

Cost for two: INR 1,000 (++)


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