Choose between sundaes and quirky desserts like Tira Miss U Too at Oh So Stoned! 

  This gourmet icecream parlour offers everything from a retro-boho vibes to an assortment of sweet treats 

author_img Sushmita Ayyagari Published :  09th February 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  09th February 2018 06:00 AM
Classic banana split

Classic banana split

The retro-Bohemian vibe at Oh so Stoned! with its bling signboards and vibrant interiors is almost palpable. Ranging from colourful artistic walls to a black and white checkerboard backdrop at the main counter, this 1,000 sq ft store maintains a flower-powered theme throughout. “We wanted to create an atmosphere of happiness that makes people want to hang out here, besides indulging in some sweet treats. Also, the entertainment over the glacial granite stone, a performance that compiles everything from juggling tricks to groovy beats generated while creating your cold stone ice cream, is sure to leave customers feeling ‘oh so stoned!,” says Badrinarayan Ravishankar, franchise co-owner with a laugh. Taking up franchises for Coimbatore and Tiruppur along with co-owner Shyamkarthik Padmanabhan, Badrinarayan says that they were moved by the Hyderabad-based brand’s vegetarian-friendly, no artificial flavouring or preservatives belief.

Munchy mania 
Choose between creative sundaes, quirkily named desserts like the Tira Miss U Too, thick shakes with a local twist like cashew jaggery, coffee, hot chocolate (optioned with marshmallow or a hint of alcohol — strictly for adults) brownies and ice-cream cakes. Their Candy Love Bubba, topped off with elements like gems, jujubes, bubble gum sauce over the strawberry ice-cream and cuddled in between the soft and puffy bubblewrap-like waffle that tastes of caramel, is a guaranteed sugar rush in a cup. The homemade Brownie-in-a-jar is a staple brownie with a melting scoop of vanilla ice-cream, but the layer of dark chocolate thick fudge at the bottom makes it worthwhile.

For a slightly healthier option, try Fruit Factory with fresh fruits and homemade tangy strawberry jelly, or if you are looking to stick to the classics we suggest the Banana Split that’s an amalgam of the traditional ice-cream trio (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry) and bananas.

Rollin’ stone
Expanding their retailing capabilities to their in-house brand of homemade delicacies look out for the la bouche la bouche almond toffees and sauces. With plans to introduce seasonal fruits flavours like mango into the menu and ice-cream cake slices, this joint is looking to open stores on Avinashi Road and Tiruppur, hosting parties and regular home deliveries using dry ice.  

Approximately Rs 350 for two.